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Content Writer vs Copywriter: Which One is the Best for Business?

Copywriter vs. Content Writer- are they the same thing?

Technically, no. Both writing genres have distinct variations in terms of producing content. Yes, the differences are distinct and not very much broad. To start your career in copywriting or content writing, you need to know the subtle differences between copywriting and content writing.

Each of these writing genres requires challenges and skills that we pinpoint in this article. We are showing some significant differences between these two.

Content Writer vs. Copywriter: Overview

Content writers are planners, researchers, editors, and writers for the purpose of writing digital marketing content such as blog posts, scripts, articles, or writing for specific platforms. Meanwhile, copywriters advertise and promote with their special marketing skills by writing persuasive copy such as ads, social media posts, emails, posters, and more.

Content writers research plans and create outlines to complete any type of digital marketing content. Later, they need to edit the whole content for any grammatical errors. This ensures a clear copy of the writing materials.

Copywriters write persuasive words to make the audience more interested in the specific service or any platform. Also, copywriters brainstorm the audience's needs and demand to execute a clear-cut marketing copy.

Although writing genres have quite a few sections, content writing and copywriting might be confusing because of their distinct variations. Let’s see their differences in the table below.

Content Writer


1.      Content writers convey information, entertain and instruct visitors

2.      Content writers deliver broad content

3.      Create attractive content to attract increase customers

4.      Content writing is conveying information in broad sense

5.      Content writing reveals what your business does

1.      Copywriter works for the marketing campaign and promote brand awareness

2.      Copywriter writes short content

3.      Creates marketing copy for selling business

4.      Copywriting is conveying valuable information

5.      Copywriting shows what your business is all about

With the differences in our hands, we can summarize the content writing vs. copywriting here:

Content writing is all about:

      You want to research the specific topic and provide broad information

      Keyword research and use SEO-related practices to improve web traffic

      All over, you need to attract the audience for the topic you are writing

A copywriter is all about:

      Copywriter usually works for marketing campaigns, writing short advertising copy, taglines, and landing page content.

    Content copywriter assists the marketing team in selling your company’s brand and works closely with the brand.

      Copywriters write promotional materials, mail campaigns, social media posts, video scripts, and more.

Additionally, this was just a quick overview of the whole thing. If you want more about content vs. copywriting, head to the next section.

Is Content Writing and Copywriting the Same Thing?

Content writing vs. copywriting can be pretty puzzling since their content-producing structures are identical. But there are still some distinct matters between these marketing genres that make different materials.

They are pretty much the same since both of these writing genres have a similar category for writing, and their write-ups are used online and offline. Your perception will clear up with an example.

If content and copywriters are two sisters, they have the same parents and share 50% of their DNA, but their tastes, choices, and perspectives are different here. Content and copywriting are the same, but they have different roles in their field.

Let’s see what content and copywriters cover-

Content Writer


 Blog posts

Ads, online and offline

Web page content

Write product description

SEO content

Email campaigns

Social media posts

Press releases

White papers



Media scripts

The 5 Differences Between A Content Writer and A Copy Writer

You know the differences by now, but some key differences would clear up your confusion. Although content writing is an elaborated writing piece, copywriting contains the marketing material that is used for advertising the elaborated writing.

Let's find out more in the following section.

1. Purposes of writing

Content and copywriting sound similar, but they have different responsibilities on their own way. A copywriter mainly produces brief marketing material used for advertising the business, and the content writer elaborately expresses the whole idea of the business to introduce it to the visitors.

      Copywriter uses marketing ideas for conversion, whereas content writer informs the readers.

      Copywriters use a call-to-action strategy for selling services or products, whereas readers get to know those products through content writers.

      Content writers have more advanced knowledge of encouraging visitors to educate about the business, and copywriters use the content to represent and sell the products.

2. Types of writing

Copywriters and content writers use different tones of writing styles to express and convey the information to the readers. Copywriters use marketing strategies, so they need to be more conversational, and content writers are more formal but informative writers.

      Copywriters use the conversational style and tone like they are speaking to the viewers

      Content writers are more informative writers to convey their writing piece with the formal tone

3. Roles and responsibilities within a company

Copywriters solve issues and urgency of work within time parameters. Content writers build trust among readers to reach out more in the future. So, companies and businesses hire web copywriters and content writers to introduce their business in the virtual world.

      Copywriters mainly write clear, concise, grammatically correct copy, and content writers write broad marketing copy to represent the business.

      Copywriters create a clear and consistent brand voice to develop marketing copy, whereas content writers create well-structured drafts with the content management system.

      Copywriters are self-motivated and boldly organized; content writers collaborate with other teams to build content.

      Copywriters promote content on social media, and content writers create the content to establish the business on a strong base.   

4. Focused on SEO strategy

Content writers mainly play a great role in creating SEO strategies on a specific topic. They are hired primarily to drive traffic to the specific company they work for. On the other hand, copywriters use SEO content strategy on their marketing materials, but their content is short and precise, so they don't need to follow that much of an SEO strategy compared to content writers.

      Content writers use simple SEO strategy and keyword research guidelines to amplify business traffic on their website; copywriters use the conversational style, so they often don't need to follow SEO strategy.

      Content writers often follow SEO strategies given by the company; on the other hand, copywriters turn that SEO content into sales or leads.

5. Content length matters

You can observe by now that the content length is much higher for content writers; on the other hand, the copywriter has a lower content length. The word requirements for content writers and copywriters are not similar. They possess many dissimilarities in terms of the length of content production.

      The usual content production for content writers is 700 words or more, depending on the writing type, and copywriters may write as low as 15 to 200 words.

      Usually, the word count for content writers exceeds a thousand words depending on the topic given, and copywriters write short content.

Several Important Skills of Content Writer and Copywriter

Content writers and copywriters must possess special skills to be content players. Their skills are various in terms of industry needs or the company they work for. So, here are the content writer and copywriter skills required to become an excellent contributor to a specific business.

Important Skills for Copywriter

    Writing on various industries. Copywriters can write for different fields, such as technology or social media. Moreover, they have a vast knowledge of different fields, so they can seamlessly work for a company.

    Understand marketing strategy. Copywriters are an excellent source for writing marketing copy, creating a regular audience or visitors, and making the visitors buy the specific product.

    Organize the team. Copywriters work with the marketing team and create a good team player while working with others.

    Verbal Communication. Without the skills for writing, copywriters need to have verbal communication skills to attend meetings and communicate with the company or business staff, colleagues, and clients.

    Researching ability. Copywriters must have the research ability to successfully write any complex topic, such as any white papers, a technical guide, or a short blog topic.

Important Skills for a Content writer

    SEO and keyword generating. Content writers generate traffic for your business website, and they use SEO and generate keywords to direct users to the company's website.

    Conducting research. Content writers search from different sources to back up their claims and facts on an informative copy. They conduct thorough research on a specific topic to write any particular topic.

    Proof Reading. The overall proofreading is required to ensure the content is ready to submit without any errors. Content writers require reducing the number of errors, grammatical mistakes, redundancy, or overused words. Later, they need to revise the entire content for other errors.

    Maintain styles and tones. One of the important skills that content writers should adapt is their styles and tones. Writers need to format their classes in their own way according to the content type. If the content is on increasing sales, the content perspective would be different than a tech blog.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Content Writer and a CopyWriter?

Content writers and copywriters both writing sections have a quite similar costs in terms of the time and amount of work they need to do. The cost depends on per word, per hour, or project base. One more thing is copywriter earns much more than content writers. So, here's the cost to hire a content writer and copywriter explained.

Cost to hire a content writer

According to content writers' demand and ability to provide content on the time parameter, they might charge as per word or hour on a project basis. Here's the content writer hiring cost in the following section

Writer type

Per Word

Higher Level Writer

$0.50 to $1.00 or more

Experienced Writer

$0.30 to $0.50

Beginner Writer

$0.10 to $0.20

Content Type

Per Hour


$40 - $100


$25 - $60

Technical Writing

$40 - $100

Web Content

$15 - $150

Cost to hire a copywriter

Copywriter charges per word, per hour, or per project basis. You need to be careful when choosing per-word basis writers as they may use unnecessary words that lead to low-key writing. Let’s see the table below for copywriter costing.

Content type


PPC ad

$50 to $200

Writing Product Description

$3  to $5 per description

Email Campaigns

$50 to $250 per hour

Press Release

$150 to $750 per page


$350 to $500

Media Script

$1000 to $3000

Which One is Better, Copywriting or Content Writing for Your Business?

Generally, the whole idea of choosing content writing or copywriting depends on the goals you’re chasing. You can see many websites get Google rank in the search engines, and how do they get here? Their ultimate goal is to produce clear marketing copy with properly optimized content for search engines.

If your goal is to-

      Educate people about your business

      Convey valuable information to the visitors

      Increase sales for your business

      Write content for your website

      Bring more traffic to your website

You can hire a content writer to fill your website with more content and attract more visitors to your business; this is a clear-cut and straightforward idea to bring traffic to your website.

If your goal is to-

      Reach more people through call-to-action

      Bring visitors through purchase buttons and inspire them to buy

      Increase your sale through clear marketing or social media copy

      Keep raising the interest among visitors to lead them to click and sale

You can hire a copywriter who can learn about all your services and understand what kind of decision to take when purchasing.

Where do you get Content writing or Copy Writing services?

There are lots of content writing agencies and companies that deal with a content writing projects. They have many hard-working content and copywriters who work all day long to provide reliable services to their clients.

They provide professional content writing services with different types of content and copywriting services that include a wide range of niches. They have content services with blog content, long-form content, copywriting, ghostwriting, technical writing, full-stack content writing, and more.

So, why professional service is better in content or copywriting-

    Industry Related Efficiency. They include team that consists of experienced content planners, proofreaders, editors, and writers.

    Excellency at Content Producing. Well-planned thought and developed content at your service with no compromise.

    Following Timely Delivery. Projects are given and will be delivered within the time parameter.

    Revising Content. They revise the content until the client approves the write-ups.

FAQ on Comparison Between Copywriter and Content Writer

Can a content writer be a copywriter?

Yes, a content writer can be a copywriter, but you need to acquire vast knowledge of crafting, trading, and producing marketing copy to be a copywriter.

Is copywriting content marketing?

Yes, it’s part of content marketing; copywriting generally helps to convert a reader to a potential customer who might subscribe or take the subscription to your email listing and call you for information.

Do copywriters write blogs?

Generally, copywriters write posts with the selling idea in mind, and copywriters are perfectly aware of the importance of the marketing strategy.

Does a business need both contents writing and copywriting?

It depends on your business and the strategy you want the writers to maintain. If you need more promotional activity, go for copywriters or if you need more content for your business, go for content writers.

What pays more, Copywriting or Content Writing?

Content writing undoubtedly makes a great living, but copywriting generally pays more. As copywriting directly takes the role to provide gaining sales and revenue for the company, it pays more.

How long will it take to write my copy?

Content writing generally takes longer as they need to provide detailed information and 2 to 3 days to complete a draft. Depending on the content structure, copywriters typically take 3-5 hours to complete their tasks.


Ultimately, you need to know that content writer vs. copywriter includes some distinct differences. All kinds of brands these days need content writing and marketing services as the need arises every day.

So, there are plenty of opportunities to try your luck if you have the knack for being a writer . Our comprehensive article will provide you with a way to analyze what to choose between these two.


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