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How to Make a Personal Website on Wordpress: Step-by-Step


Looking to establish your personal brand?

Get a website and work on it. On the other hand finding the prolific platform to publish your brand is no challenge at all. Choose customizable and viable option to establish your persona. Wordpress in this way work as the productive option for building your website.

Wordpress includes eye-catching, dynamic, customizable and interactive theme options for amateurs that leads you to promote your website in no time!

Let’s find out how to make a personal website on Wordpress.

Key Features of a Personal Website

Getting started?

Wait, you need to bear in mind that some of the essential features of a personal website is pre-requirement to startup your website. So, before we begin on how to make a personal website on Wordpress, here are some key features for setting up a personal website.

·    Homepage (Summarize your vision, mission, profile, logo, navigation menus, social links and testimonials)

·     About me (Your interests, why choosing blogging, achievements, your backstory, current job and your personal view on blogging)

·       Contact me (A page where visitors can easily find and contact you for further inquiry or want to know more about you)

·      Blog Section (This one plays a significant role. Share your thoughts, views or ideas, stories, opinions frequently based on your interests in broad or short manner with visitors comments section)

·        Social Share (Don’t forget to include this essential section in every page, so visitors can share your articles or page with ease!)

Note: Don’t clutter your homepage with too many website menus or sections. Follow popular trend or established websites to construct yours!

How to Make a Personal Website on Wordpress: Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to start your website?

Prior starting your initial setup, you need to find a bold platform to build yours. Wordpress would be your first priority. Statistic shows Wordpress is the first choice of some of the first world countries as of 2023, according to Statista.

So, start building yours on Wordpress now!

Read on to know the setup procedure of Wordpress personal website.

Step 1: Pick an Appropriate Domain Name

Picking an appropriate domain name isn’t a challenging task but you have to pick a brandable, short name based on your preferable niche. At first, find a hosting service such as godaddy or namecheap to setup your domain.

Tip: Either choose a domain name with brandability or match with your organization name and mix some of the words for better approach.  

Step 2: Opt to a Web Hosting Plan

Choosing web hosting is much essential as it holds all your website files at a time. There are many website hosters such as Bluehost or namecheap. You may want to choose hosting plan according to your budget. Choose the most basic one for startup blogging.

Choose a web hosting plan according to these criteria

·        Optimized for Wordpress websites

·        Cheap and easy to install all your files

·        Beginner-friendly and set you up right away.

Once you register for the hosting plan, you receive a welcome email and all the login credentials. Use the provided username and password to login to your account.

Step 3: Setup Wordpress

Setting up Wordpress in your hosting is a crucial step. Follow the procedure to setup for how to make a personal website on Wordpress right away.

·        Log into your hosting account

·        Click on My account

·        Log into cPanel

·        Click on the Wordpress icon

·        Follow the procedure to install

Go to Wordpress and login with your credentials. Go to dashboard and familiarize yourself with the Wordpress options such as permalinks, Website title and tagline, Allow or disable comments and set your time zone.

Tip: In Setting àDiscussion, disable pingbacks and trackbacks to set yourself free of other blogs new articles notification.

Step 4: Pick and Install a Theme

WordPress themes are surely a great way to start a beginner website. Wordpress themes such as ‘Hestia’ helps to build your website like professionals. Thousands of users have been downloading this popular theme every day. There are other customizable themes as well for you to choose.

Now install your preferable theme that you choose from directory:

·        Go to Appearance àThemes from the dashboard

·        Click on add new

·        Type the name of the theme

·        See preview and click install

Tip: Remember to install theme that includes proper Header, Footer, Single post, Archive, Blog and 404 page sections.

Step 5: Customize the Theme and Setup Pages

When you finish installing the theme just use the drag and drop editor to design the layout and tailor the theme to your demand. Also, use the color scheme, navigation links, different widgets, and several functionalities to setup your website.

Also, setup different website pages such as About, Contact, Blog section, Privacy Policy, Faqs, Terms of use, Categories and more of your choice. Go to Appearance à Menus from Wordpress dashboard to create or see the default menu structure.

Step 6: Publish your Website

While you setup and design your website, functions or interface, if you are contempt with the functionality, get ready to go live with your current setup. You can still customize your current setup even after you go live.

You have just created your profound blog! Congrats.

In conclude, if you wish to know how to make a personal website on Wordpress, this step-by-step guide is the ultimate option for you. The real thing is you don’t need professional help to create a Wordpress website. Wordpress helps to make a personal website for free for beginners.

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