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Best Food Photographers on Instagram to Follow

Instagram Food Photography. Credit: WPFlare


There are plenty of food photographers on Instagram. A simple hashtag search on Instagram opens up millions of food photographer profiles within a second. Their food photography is so drool-worthy and artfully crafted that the recipe becomes intense and lively. So, Instagram is clearly an influential platform for food photographers.

So, who are these foodie photographers? Make your Instagram feed more appetizing with these best food photographers on Instagram. Find out!

What Is an Instagram Food Photography?

Like other food photography, Instagram food photographers fill their social media with exclusive food photos such as homemade food, smothered pancakes, partisan ice cream cones, well-filtered protein bars, and including various other food photographs. They bring out the best food photographs and create appetizing social posts.

Well-defined food photography depends on the best lighting that shines on the different angles of the food and prevents harsh shadows. Also, editing is a major factor in the best food pictures for Instagram.

How Prevalent Are Instagram Food Photographers?

The Instagram platform provides you with immense value for photography. Many Instagram photographers capture stunning shots of drool-worthy photographs that can easily create more appetite for the viewers. But are Instagram food photographers really that popular?

Well, yes.

We're about to find out some reasons behind it.

Instagram Values Original Content: Instagram values original content, but to stick to the competition, some photographers choose trendy posts and keep posting the same content. This hampers the reputation of the original photographer. Still, Instagram aims to make original content more visible on people's feeds. This makes the content, as well as photographers, more popular.

Instagram is a Bliss for Photographers: Despite numerous changes to Instagram, this platform is certainly one of the best for photographers. If Facebook becomes more helpful for photographers, Instagram is another way to grow your online presence.

Connect with the Audience: If you have a food business, you can easily connect with the audience through Instagram with the products of your business. Creating your online presence is an excellent idea. Instagram allows you to like and comment on your post to spread your business.

As Instagram is another widespread social media, it helps to create more space for photographers. So, this makes Instagram more prevalent among food photographers.

Top Food Photographers' Instagram Accounts to Learn Food Photography Stylists

Instagram has numerous food photographers, and they showcase their food photography skills to motivate people to the specific food. Their appealing way of showing food attracts more people and ultimately helps grow the audience of the profile. Here are some of the popular Instagram accounts to introduce food photography stylists.

Eva Kosmas Flores: @evakosmasflores

Location: Pacific Northwest, USA

The love of food, photography, and gardening is associated with Eva Kosmas Flores' photography. Her photography exactly provides you the life and color in return. Her page is full to the brim with motivation, useful photography tips, workshops, creative craft, and how-to guides. 

Know more about her creative works.

Jeanine Donofrio: @loveandlemons

Location: Chicago, USA

Jeanine Donofrio is a Chicago-based recipe developer and author of two best-selling recipe books. Jeanine confesses she isn't much of a vegetarian, but her social accounts show something else. Her social accounts are full of vegetarian recipes and delicious foods from her kitchen.

Find out more about her.

Bea Lubas: @bealubas

Location: England

Bea Lubas, the author of aspiring food photographer book and Adobe Lightroom Ambassador. Her Instagram page is all about the food and recipes for the enthusiast food photographer. Bea's Instagram features delicious desserts, vegetables, and fruits containing a myriad of colors, tips and tricks, and motivation.

She has achieved several awards in food photography; find out more about her.

Sally McKenney: @sallysbakeblog

Location: Maryland, USA

Sally Mckenney started photo capture in 2012, and later, she gradually improved in capturing great-looking photos. Mckenney includes colorful photos of desserts and baking with three cookbooks that motivate her to bring more colorful food capture.

Find out more about her.

Ashley Alexander: @gatherandfeast

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Ashley Alexander's love for food grew from an early age. Observing her passion for food photography and inspired by her family feast and gatherings, she opened up a website, getting motivated by food and culinary skills.

Here is more information about Ashley.

MINIMALIST BAKER: @minimalistbaker

Location: Portland, Oregon

Dana Schultz is a writer and author of the website called Minimalist Baker. Her passion for easy-to-make recipes is the reason she is much popular. She makes plant-based and gluten-free dishes; also, the capture of fresh and vibrant food in the camera reel easily makes you try out her recipes.

Click to see more information about her.

Aimee Twigger: @twiggstudios

Location: South Devon, UK

With more passion for crafting and interior, Aimee Twigger started her food photography even though there was adversity in her life. She loves baking recipes, which has led her to open twigstudio in her home. She is a visual storyteller and author of cookbooks as well.

Find more information about her.

Marie Saba: @mariesaba

Location: Austin, Texas

Marie Saba is a Texas-based chef who loves making dessert recipes. Her creative designs for food and the food puns she makes are unique, and her followers love to interact with the wordplay. She aims to inspire people to have fun in the kitchen while making easy recipes.

Find out more about her.

Ed Rudolph: @ed_rudolph

Location: Culver City, California

Rudolph is from California, and he loves to shoot food photographs. Ed brings a passion for food and crafts and great design for every new project. He also works with famous brands like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, UberEats, and more. He works at night to perfect his culinary skills.

Find more about him here.

Bozena Garbinska: @bozena_garbinska

Location: Wroclaw, Poland

Bozena Garbinska is a Poland-based food photographer. Other than working in the kitchen, she decided to play her role as a photographer, food stylist, and cook. She is so much passionate about food photography that whenever she goes to the market, she picks colorful fruits or vegetables to make or cook something.

Look for more information about her.

SpoonForkBacon: @SpoonForkBacon

Location: Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles-based cook, photographer, prop stylist Teri Fisher, recipe developer, and food stylist Jenny Park created 'spoon fork bacon.' They prefer bright light to capture all the recipe details and decorate using props that support the food.

Find out more about them here.

Jacques Trindade: @jacquescooksmx

Location: Mexico City

Jacques has studied in designing and turning up in food photography comes from his family. His family was involved in the food industry for many years. Trinidade views natural light and composition as the potential of food photography.

Find out more about his preferences.

Aran Goyoaga: @cannellevanille

Location: Seattle, Washington

Aran is a Seattle-based food stylist and author photographer. Her major focus on food photography is to bring out the emotional component of the food and visual stories. Her craving for raw photography brings her popularity. Aran was a professional chef prior to coming as a food photographer.

Know more about Aran.

Still Sunday & Co.: @stillsundayco

Location: Manila, Philippines

This Manila, Philippines-based food photographer has successfully created a colorful world of food photography in his own world. The rustic arrangements, props, styles, and beautifully crafted detailed set shows how meticulous the preparation is.

Find out more about Still Sunday and Co.

Anna Gabur

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Anna is a Moldova-based food photographer who likes to make sourdough. She prepares dough and crafts a lacy design onto the dough surface to make a delicate and delectable loaf of baked bread. She wants to establish and balance between pretty and appetizing things.

Find out more information about her food photography.

Andrew Scrivani

Location: New York

Andrew is a New York-based photographer, author, producer, and director. He has vast experience working on editorial, content creation, advertising, documentary, and film project. He is a well-known workshop instructor and columnist and has a well-established learning platform called Andrew Scrivani Academy. He worked with numerous clients such as New York Times, Disney, Norton, Harper Collins, and many more.

Find out more about Andrew.

Katarina Cermelj: @theloopywhisk

Location: United Kingdom

Katarina is a UK-based food photographer. She has a knack for scooping, slicing, or breaking apart baked creations. Most of her making consists of chocolate, or you can call her a chocoholic in this sense. She loves making the baking item and also includes vegan recipes often.

Find more about her here.

Steve Hansen: @stevehansenvisuals

Location: Seattle, Washington

Steve Hansen's photography is all about the fantasy food capture. Steve shoots food products and beverages in mid-air and captures the motion and high-flying food ingredients. He also provides behind the scene shots of his shooting and shares tips to photograph as well.

Know more about his action shots here.

Sarah Brunella: @sarah_fel

Location: Switzerland

Sarah is a passionate food photographer who likes to cook for her son. This leads her to make food with arts and crafts, fully-formed pastries, and baked items. Keep scrolling through her Instagram feed to introduce yourself with fruit-laden cakes or bite-sized treats.

Learn more about her.

Foodtography School: @foodtographyschool

Location: Boston, MA

The name suggests what this Instagram account is all about. Food blogger Sarah Fennel is the founder of this Instagram account. She likes to teach all about lighting, composition, and symmetry for food photography through her feed. Her snapshots and creative photo session will surely crave you for food.

Find out more about her and her school.

Anita - Swiss Food Photographer: @breakfastnbowls

Location: Switzerland

Anita is a swiss-based food photographer and storyteller and assists creative people in making their food images more creative. Anita opens up about the day's most important meal and prepares the smoothie bowls, pancakes, and fruit-layered toasts that anyone would crave.

Know more about her creation.

Nick Solares: @nicksolares

Location: United Kingdom

Nick Solares is a food writer, photographer, and Emmy-nominated broadcaster. Nick has huge experience in food photography and works on the importance of consuming meat. He also has produced shows like The Meat Show and Meat Life. His editorial work has been featured in several prominent publications.

Learn more about him.

Kristin Teig: @kteig

Location: LA/NY/Boston

Kristin loves to introduce food and culture through her photographs. Her food photography leads her to publish cookbooks as well as famous food photographers and publishers. Her colorful, artistic, and simple food and lifestyle photography define how skilled a photographer she is.

Find out more about her photography.

Lucia Marecak Food Photography: @healthygoodiesbylucia

Location: Italy

Lucia Marecak's Instagram is a helpful resource for ardent food photographers. This Italy-based food photographer focuses on fruits and vegetables in most of her choice. She has published a food photographers network that helps new photographers grow.

Learn more about her work.

Jakob N. Layman: @meetjakob

Jakob is a Los Angeles-based food photographer and has tremendous expertise in creating stylized and artistic food photography, even on the simplest recipe. Jakob has restaurant and bar photography expertise and is the founding editor of Time Out LA.

Know more about his creative work.

Leslie Grow: @lesliegrow

Location: Los Angeles

Leslie is an LA-based photographer and is also known as a stop-motion artist. From decorative, artistic, and stylized ways of presenting simple cookies, burgers, and coffees to colorful desserts are all over her Instagram. Her work includes beverage and food products as well.

Find out more about her.

Sid Ali Photography: @sid_ali_photography

Location: London

Sid Ali is a London-based food photographer known as one of the best food photographers in London. With his technical expertise, attention to detail, and work with several prominent brands like KFC, and Marks & Spencer, Maggi draws people back to him. His work ethic and detailed snapshot are great to watch.

Learn more about him.

How Do Instagram Food Photographers Take Food Pictures for Instagram?

Off to take food snaps?

Here are some recommendations for Instagram food photography that you may be interested in. You just need to come out of the traditional way of capturing and rather take the professional-looking shot. Check the recommendations for how to take food photos for Instagram.

     Prepare all the Necessary Arrangements: Showcase your food's best features to capture the best portion. Prepare the cutleries and main subject of your food photography.

     Prepare Adequate Lighting: Stay away from shadows and bring enough and the best lighting for Instagram photos. If possible, use natural light to prepare the best food photograph.

     Capture Various Angles: Capture photographs from different angles and capture them with more warm and appetizing colors. Use depth-of-field to focus on the most appetizing side.

     Professional Editing: Bring out warm colors and remove cool colors while adjusting the white balance. Edit and slight use of contrast, saturation, and brightness will increase the color ratio.

     Be Creative for Every Shot: Take photos from unique angles, and use a unique color palette and composition to make your photo stand out.


What are the most popular Instagram hashtags for food photos?

There are hashtags for different food categories, such as

     for restaurants- #food #foodie #yum #yummy #nom #nomnom #hungry #cleaneating #paleo #vegetarian #delish

     For Bars- #bar #drinks #cocktails #bartender #weekend #food #drink #wine #cocktail #beer #restaurants #happy

     For Contest & Promos- #contest #[yourbrand]contest #contests #contestalert #contestentry #sweepstakes

What is the most photographed food on Instagram?

Pizza is the most photographed food, with over 37,000,000 posts. This huge number is only for pizza.

How to use Instagram tags for food photos?

Use the searchable hashtags for the food photos, such as #instafood #foodpics #igfood #foodlove #foodie and more.

How to find Food photography Instagram accounts?

If you want to find location-specific Instagram accounts, search the term 'food photographer in' and tap the 'place' option for location-specific accounts.


Although we have presented some of the well-known and best food photographers on Instagram here, there are many skilled and top food photographers on Instagram who are just waiting to be revealed. We have unearthed some of the best out there who will inspire others to capture the best shot.

We have added valuable information about the best food photographers on Instagram, which will help you follow their creations and move forward with food photography.


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