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Valentine's Day History, List and Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Art

Valentine’s day is the most significant day for aspirant couples or who are already in love. Couples aspire to spend the rest of their lives through happiness while celebrating this auspicious day. So, to make your Valentine’s day fully enjoyable, here we are providing you the Valentine’s Day list with tips and ideas for gift giving in the following.

Valentine’s Day History

There are quite a bunch of theories behind celebrating Valentine’s day. But the most reliable one is the Valentine itself. Valentine was the name of the Rome priest Saint Valentine back in the third century. In the reign of Claudius II Gothicus, they introduced a law that forbade the marriage of young men.

However, Saint Valentine continued to perform marriages in Rome. Later, the news got exposed to the king, and Claudius ordered to arrest of Saint Valentine. Valentine was arrested and imprisoned until his death sentence was announced.

In the meantime, Valentine was in love with the daughter of a jailer. The jailer asked Valentine to restore the eyesight of his blind daughter. Valentine did a miracle, and the daughter’s family instantly converted to Christianity. However, Valentine was beheaded and stoned to death on 14th February, 269.

He left a note to the blind daughter before his death, ‘’from your Valentine.’’

So, why do couples celebrate this day?

This day has been celebrated to remember Saint Valentine and his love for his beloved. Especially couples celebrate this day to express their love and passion for their partner on 14th February each year. But the celebration starts a week before the 14th February through several specific events.


Which day is 7th Feb to 14th Feb List?

Searching for the date of the Valentine’s day list?

Here is the Valentine week 2023 date sheet for your Valentine-

What is the Significance of 7 Days of Valentine?

Valentine’s day is undeniably one of the most celebrated days in the United States. 56% of the people celebrated Valentine’s day in 2022, according to Statista

So, why do people celebrate this occasion with so much spontaneity? 

Find out. 

  • 7th February: The Rose Day- The first day and the test of Valentine in a whole week that starts with the fragrance and beauty of a rose.
  • 8th February: The Propose Day- This day, test out your fearlessness by expressing love and affection to your special someone.
  • 9th February: Chocolate Day- This special day is to provide your partner relief from the stress your partner might have. Provide special chocolate on this day.
  • 10th February: Teddy Day- Gifting a teddy on this special day has huge significance. Like a teddy bear, couples share their passion with the tenderness of their heart.
  • 11th February: Promise Day- Couples promise each other to share their interests and passion for the rest of their lives.
  • 12th February: Hug Day- This day enhances the chance to know your partner well. Hugging your partner specially brings the couple closer to each other.
  • 13th February: Kiss Day- This day intensifies the love interest between two people. The loving kiss provides more opportunities to come close to the partner.
  • 14th February: Valentine’s Day- This day is extra-special for couples. They celebrate this day with a dinner date or hanging out to the unknown for the whole day.

So, this is the full list of a week's celebration of valentine’ day.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Thinking about Valentine’s day gift for your partner?

There are various Valentine’s day gift ideas for boyfriend and girlfriend. Every couple plans to gift something special to their partner. But which one will be the perfect one to gift their partner? Find out in the later section.

Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

  • Chocolates and Flower Bouquet: A bouquet is the most traditional way to startle your girlfriend, but also take special chocolates to fill the empty points.
  • Accessories: Gift your girl any special accessories like a necklace or flowers to point out and remind this day more.
  • Heart-Shaped Presents: Heart-shaped gift truly symbolizes the meaning of valentine's. So, don’t wait to present your girlfriend with a heart-shaped cushion or teddy bear containing the heart.

Valentine’s Day Gift for Boyfriend

  • Flowers and Cakes: Flowers are the most traditional and trendy gift for both him and her. Gift him mixed flowers, carnations, or roses on this day.
  •  Personalized Presents: Chocolates with greeting cards and his favorite accessories to use every day could be the best gift on this day.
  • Combo Gifts: Different items that he likes to wear, such as watches or make something on your own to arrange in a combo pack.

Valentine’s day is the most celebrated day for every couple. But not only do couples remember or celebrate this special day, but you can also spend the day with your relatives or family members to make them special. Plan and offer your family or friends a surprise and make them feel special. The Valentine’s day list may help you with that.

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