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Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens: Basic Sizing & Suggestions

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Urban life has been growing since the day of industrialization. As the day progresses, people are starting to make the surroundings more adopting and expanded. So, in terms of accommodation people prefer to have larger and spacious rooms in their house. The kitchen is one of the special spaces that every ideal home has.

The kitchen is mostly stated and found as a narrow space within our house. This narrow space can be of larger cooking space, if you use your imagination and ideas. Following, you will find clever storage ideas for small kitchens.

Homeowners used to have a small space for the kitchen. But these days most of the houses include larger and spacious space for the kitchen. Modern homeowners these days do have proper planning on organizing their small kitchens without sacrificing the utilities (keeping them inside the kitchen and ease of use whenever needed) of different items.

If you happen to come across a situation where you require having larger space for the kitchen, follow the ideas below to make your kitchen organized, looking more stylish and beautiful.

Basics of kitchen sizing

If you are planning to make your kitchen more spacious and expanded then you need to have knowledge about the basic kitchen sizing. The average kitchen size mostly consists of 160 square feet of space according to the NKBA.

For older houses and apartments, the kitchen is considerably smaller than traditional kitchen these days,

·        About 12 percent space of a house gets occupied by the kitchen space

·      With stove, sink and refrigerator included, a kitchen is no more than 21 liner feet and minimum 9 liner feet with those three sides

So, what’s the size of a small kitchen?

When you want to upgrade your kitchen space, you will start to research on the basic sizes that decorate the modern day's kitchen. If you have an older house, you certainly have a small kitchen in there. The smaller or average sized kitchen only uses for cooking food and washing kitchen utilities.

·        A small kitchen averages around 70 to 80 square feet.

·        The standard measurement of a small kitchen that includes dining areas is 175 to 200 sq. feet

·        The countertop includes 25-inch front back dimension and kitchen sink includes 24-inch wide and 22-inch front to back and 8 to 10-inch deep sizes.

·        The smaller or average home size is 2,300 sq. feet, where kitchen occupies only 10 to15 percentage of space, so a smaller or average kitchen size of an average sized home is 250 to 360 sq. feet.

A small kitchen but a lot of things to keep! Don’t worry!

Are you feeling indecisive about organizing kitchen stuff as it has a small space in your house? Then, to ease up your think tank, we have some extra solution and suggestions for you that would free up some space in your kitchen. You just need to use some side spaces and top of the cabinet area to have extra space to place kitchen stuff. Here are a few suggestions you can try at first,

Vertical Space Utilization

Use Pierced corbels and glass-front mounted cabinet doors to hang some of the kitchen items or utensils in your kitchen. It is also a great way to arrange and display your kitchen stuff and get a hand on these things easily whenever you need.

Use Every Inch of your Kitchen

Don’t spare even the smallest place in your kitchen, for instance, a toekick drawer in your kitchen is the best way to put the unused kitchen utensils or put the most used one to get it instantly. All you need is just a mere push of your toe!

Keep Everything into Everything

You can add extra vertical storage to provide more space for kitchen stuff. Use wire shelf riser to have even more room to stuff extra kitchen utensils and turn one shelf into two.

Think Outside the Kitchen

Use other rooms of your house to place some barware or entertaining pieces that get stuffed in the kitchen. This will give you some space in your kitchen to work up.

Some clever storage ideas for small kitchens

If you are in deep thoughts to expand your kitchen areas then come out of pondering yourself into thinking. You have a small apartment and it has a small kitchen as well. There are various storage ideas to make room for other stuff in your narrowly constructed kitchen. Here are some of the storage ideas for a small kitchen that you can use to expand space. Check the following sections.

Keep a pegboard

Use the walls of your kitchen to hang a couple of things. Just try a pegboard that includes flexible storage space that you can easily adjust overtime. While a pegboard offers more kitchen stuff hanging capability, why using selves to hang a few!

Use different organizers (for food containers, teabags, kitchen wraps, etc.)

Use a different type of organizers for a different type of kitchen ingredients, such as, for spices and herbs get a container, get a teabag for storing tea. This will save you some space in your kitchen.

Use cabinet tops

Use the top of the kitchen cabinets to store the serving platters or extra pantry supplies that you no longer need. You can stash a few serving plates to use for a special occasion only.

Make lower cabinet rollouts

If you have lower cabinets in your kitchen, you can use the side space it has. It is the perfect place to hang heavy and clunky items to put them in an organized way and use them whenever you want.

Keep your pans sideways

No matter how organized you are, your kitchen pans and pots are not! These kitchen pans and pots become disorganized, no matter how hard you try to organize them. Just put those horizontally to avoid being displaced.

Downsize kitchen furniture

Use a half-moon table instead of using larger. Just get a smaller size breakfast table instead of using full or round one. These shapes usually waste much space in your kitchen. You can also put the straight side against the wall and get a smarter way of using space.

Pair a nesting table with cabinets

Adding a nesting table with the cabinets in your kitchen is a smarter way to get some space. You can use the nesting table pulls out from cabinet to work as a chopping board surface when it requires. You can always use small kitchen storage ideas DIY kinds of stuff to make it your ways.

Choose a hollow style (if you've an island countertop)

If you have kitchen island countertop, you can try to setup storage which will be used for storing cookbooks, holiday accessories. It would look like it doesn't have enough space for other accessories.

Use the fridge top

The top of your fridge usually doesn't get used often. So, you can often use the fridge top for open storage with house pots, pans and all sort of light kitchen stuff.

Reclaim your sink space

Your kitchen sink has definitely some space to regain. Just take the wet sponges or scrubbers away from the countertop and hang them the side of the cabinets or desk organizers.

Use cubbies around the kitchen door

Around a kitchen’s door frame, you can add custom cubbies. This place is ideal for things, such as vases, cookbooks, and more. So, place cubbies at the kitchen’s entrance and save some space for your kitchen.

Use the space all around the window

Kitchen windows always stay unused and overlooked all the time. You can place pots and pans around the window space to save some space of your kitchen.

Use free-standing, open shelves

Adding metal shelf into your kitchen is a great way to have some extra space in your kitchen. Just add a metal shelf and place stash pots, pans and other appliances in it. The metal shelf will definitely free up some space in your kitchen

Keep things hanging over the stove

This beneficial space hack adds extra space to your kitchen. There is always an empty space above your stove. In addition, if your kitchen doesn't have a hood, just place one using shelf or pot rail.

Use a holder or hanging support for the platters

You can use plate rack and pot racks as support for the platters or holders to hang plates as well as showing off your collections in the kitchen. When you need to grab one, it will be easily accessible.

Keep a magnetic rack for knives

You can squeeze out a small space for stainless steel utensils in your kitchen, especially, for knives or cutleries. Use the magnetic knife strip to attach cutleries or knives to the walls.

Bring toekick drawers

Add toekick drawers to your kitchen cabinet to conveniently put a short stack of pans, linens or pantry items. No matter how big or small your kitchen area is, toekick drawers are the best way to have some space in your kitchen.

Use the cabinet sides

If you have cabinets in your kitchen and it doesn't get attached against a wall, you will get a few square feet of bonus space that you are craving to find in your kitchen. Hang pot rail while adding shelves at the same time beside it. So, use this small kitchen cabinet storage idea for the best result.

Make and optimize a pantry

When your pantry has space for groceries, you most probably don’t put them in an organized way.You can keep rotation for your cereals, dry goods, and spices while not filling the shelve with expired items in it.

Use the cabinet bottoms

You can also use the bottom of your cabinets while you see the cabinets are completely stashed with kitchen stuff. Add hooks to the bottom of the cabinet and use small tools or mugs to hold. You can also use magnetic strips to attach small tools under the cabinet. So, use our kitchen storage ideas for a small kitchen for the expected result.

Utilize the available space inside of the doors

Use inside of the cabinet doors to hang different items at the same time. Hang the items, you frequently use in your kitchen, such as, measuring cups or spoons, on the inside place of the cabinet door.

Build shelves wherever possible

While you don’t find enough space in your kitchen, you still have walls there! Just build some shelves wherever you find convenient to reach your hand in your kitchen.

Keep shelves inside the shelves

No matter you have one or two small cabinets in your kitchen, you can still attach a corkboard or magnetic board in the kitchen shelves that attached over the cabinet or walls.

Keep your stuff between your fridge and the kitchen wall

Make some space in between the fridge and the kitchen wall. There is always some space left in this area, so you can place some extra kitchen tools or slide in folding step tool.

Make some counter space off the stovetop

When you prepare dinner at home, your stovetop in the kitchen left unused. Just make a burner cover by using cutting boards, cover the stovetop and use that space for light kitchen works.



Although small kitchen has drawback about spacing up your kitchen stuff with proper utilization and planning you can free some space up in your kitchen. Just don't spare any space beside cabinet or kitchen sink to make your kitchen look organized.

The above discussion about clever storage ideas for the small kitchen will be fruitful if you follow the right and organized way to organize kitchenware and household items.


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