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Legoland Waterpark: Best Waterpark and Attraction in California

Legoland California_Credit: Bettervacation


If you love to play with water, like swimming, and want to spend some time playing with your family or kids, then Legoland Waterpark is the perfect place to visit. Legoland Waterpark has many rides to entertain you and can make your moments enjoyable to the fullest.

One of their most popular and attractive rides is Surfer's Cove. It was open to the public in 2017. This area is for swim lovers and adults who love to get in a race and challenge swimmers as well as a competitor.

There are some distinct areas that identify the waterpark as beyond doubt an ideal place to hang out, especially in the summer. During hot summer days, it will get busy with long lines at favorite rides. So, you may find it hard to get into a spin at ease. 

I recommend you choose a day when there will be no public rush to the rides. In each section, you will find a relaxation area, where you can take rest for a while under shade umbrellas. Following, I will give you a brief rundown of Legoland Waterpark and its different areas to help you decide which section will be ideal for you.

About Legoland Water Park

If you are on the hunt for a place to hang out on sunny, hot summer days, then Legoland Water Park is the best option for you. It was established in 2010. It's in Carlsbad, California. It is the first Legoland Park outside Europe. The waterpark has undergone an expansion, and it’s a fantastic place to spend warm days.

Its theme is based on Lego toys and action figures. Legoland Water Park has four main sections-

·        Surfer’s Cove

·        Big joker play/slide structure (For older guests)

·        Duplo Water (Kids under age 6)

·        Lazy River

Besides, it has several other sections including the latest addition, the famous Surfer’s Cove. This park plans for children under the age of 2-12, but teens and adults may join in most of the rides.

When you book the ride make sure you have space to sit for a while or take rest. Besides trips, you will find restrooms, and changing stalls. Equipment will be provided to swim or slide.

Let’s see rides and visitor attractions in Legoland Water Park.

Rides & Attractions

Legoland has certain sections and attractions which is undoubtedly a family place for entertainment. Different parts contain unique entertainment for all ages from adults to lap-held babies. So, be ready to get drenched and steer your desire to the reality to observe and have fun with full family and friends.

The ride includes things that will help your kids grow creativity. Building Duplo bricks, Designing a Lego raft, and adding them to the water floater will make your kids enjoy the watery entertainment. Let’s have a look at some recommendations before you step up on rides-

·        Make sure you take a good glimpse of the accessories taken with you.

·        Focus on your kids to make sure they are safe enough in the water.

·        You can take a rest in between ridings.

Let’s see some rides and attractions included in Legoland Water Park.

Legoland Waterpark Rides and Attractions

·        Build-A-Raft-River

·        Duplo-Splash Safari

·        Imagination Station

·        Joker Soaker

·        Orange Rush

·        Pirate Reef

·        Splash Out

·        Soak-N-Sail

·        Twin Chasers

·        Splash Zoo

Lego Chima Waterpark Rides and Attractions

·        Cragger’s Swamp

·        Crooler’s Twist

·        Crug’s Run

·        Eglor’s Build-A-Boat

·        Lion Temple Wave Pool

Legoland Waterpark Rides and Attractions

Build-A-Raft-River. Credit: Legoland Cal


Take your family and friends with kids to build LEGO vessels. 1000-foot-long lazy river will take you along with your LEGO to make a vessel to the unknown. You may feel bored while on a voyage floating on the river. Don't worry; there will be some upbeat summer tunes to make your trip more pleasant. The watery path sure welcomes you, but you need some recommendations-

·        The rider must be a minimum of 42" inches

·        You should wear Swimwear

·        Sunscreen to protect your skin

Splash Safari. Credit: Legoland

Duplo-Splash Safari

It’s great fun for a toddler with DUPLO characters. Your 12 to 36 months or between 1 to 6 years of older baby will enjoy the smaller rides and slides in this section. It's abundant with kid-centric rides and offers little characters thrilling rides while splashing water.

·        Must bring an adult with your kids

·        Guests using artificial body parts should put it off before riding

·        Kids under six are allowed to ride on the slider with guidance

Imagination Station. Credit: Legoland

Imagination Station

You can guess what the section is all about. Your LEGO fanatic kids or teenagers will use their imagination to build dams, bridges, and cities out of DUPLO bricks and test the flow of water flowing into the bricks castle.

·        No height requirement

Joker Soaker. Credit: Legoland

Joker Soaker

Joker Soaker is full of a fun section for all groups. It contains a type of slide that will undoubtedly be an entertainment factor for you and your family. Get wondered with the torrential spill and soaked by 350 gallons of water spilling from clock tower overhead.

·        No height recommendation

·        Watch your kids while getting on the watchtower

·        Water guns for additional fun

Orange Rush. Credit: Legoland

Orange Rush

It is one of the most exciting rides of all. Orange rush contains large tube raft slides which rush four of the inner rider with huge splashing water spilling here and there passing the Waterpark tower.

·        A rider must be minimum of 42'' inches

·        You need to be careful if your kids get nervous while sitting back on the raft.

Pirate Reef. Credit: Legoland

Pirate Reef

Choose a blue or red ship and fire water cannons at large. For additional excitement, as you race down the battling ships will flume water around. You will inevitably get soaked and splashed here while going down into a pool of water.

  • The rider must be a minimum of 36'' inches
  • 36’’ to  42’’ inch riders must bring guidance with them

Splash Out. Credit: YouTube

Splash Out

It is one of the most thrilling rides in Legoland Water Park.  Choose your slides from 3 selections and zip into the hole of the 60-foot-long slide and speed down the curvy hole and splash out at the end.

·        The rider must be a minimum of 42.''

·        Swimwear which may get damaged during the ride is not permitted

·        Single rider and maximum 300lbs weight allowance

·        Guests using artificial body parts should put it off before riding

Soak N Sail. Credit: Legoland


One of the most exciting rides here. It contains a pirate vessel that you can climb and just right beneath you can see a tall 38-foot mast. Stand down the mast, and 300 gallons of water will pour onto your head at any time.

·        Stay alert all the time standing down the mast

·        Minimum height is not required

·        Under 36'' or younger than ten years of age must bring guidance

·        Guests using artificial body parts should put it off before riding

Twin Chasers. Credit: Legoland

Twin Chasers

Riders will go down the intertwining pair of 375 feet slides before plunging into the refreshing pool down the slides. Choose the tube and go down the long distant tunnel with a splash.

·        The rider must be a minimum of 42.''

·        Swimwear which may get damaged during the ride is not permitted

·        Single rider and maximum 300lbs weight allowance

·        Guests using artificial body parts should put it off before riding

·        Keep your eyes on a sensitive child.

Splash Zoo. Credit: Legoland

Splash Zoo

This is one of the alluring rides for your kids. This area features rides that create a fountain of a watery splash while your kids are on the trip. So, this area includes

·        Giant interactive DUPLO animals

·        Spray Pads

·        Fountains

·        Teeter Totter

Recommendations for this area are-

·        No minimum height is required

·        Only for kids ages 1 to 3

·        A responsible adult should be there

Lego Chima Waterpark Rides and Attractions
Cragger's Swamp. Credit: Legoland

Cragger’s Swamp

Do you want to try how it feels to get consumed in a crocodile's mouth?  In Legoland waterpark, you can use it once you get soaked into the mouth of giant croc. There are more than 50 featuring crocodile twist and run you can choose to get absorbed.

·        Must be 36’’ to get splashed in Cragger

·        Proper guidance is required

Crooler's Twist. Credit: Legoland

Crooler's Twist

Crooler's Twist is one of the 50 Cragger’s sections. Just slide down to get soaked into the crocodile’s mouth.  It requires more significant feeding into his mouth! 

·        Must be 40’’ inches at least

·        Guests using artificial body parts should put it off before riding

·        Proper guidance is required

Crug's Run. Credit: Legoland

Crug’s Run

Crug's run is for additional fun when you finish with the huge Cragger's Swamp section. Crug's run requires riders at least 3 feet rider.

·        Minimum 36’’ inches rider is required

·        Guests using artificial body parts should put it off before riding

Eglor's Build-A-Boat. Credit: Legoland

Eglor’s Build-A-Boat

This part pulls out creativity from your mind. Build a LEGO boat on your design while there will be rushing water going past your ship. There will be the castle, and houses around your ship to turn the scenario stunning.

·        No minimum height is required

Lion Temple Wave Pool. Credit: Legoland

Lion Temple Wave Pool

The Lego lion head is on its way. There is a 30-foot-high Mount Cavora which will remind you about CHIMA itself. There are undoubtedly rolling waves and fun with a pool of water splashing your toe on their way!

·        Must be 42’’ inches minimum

·        Guidance for the flow of wave resistance

Surfer's Cove. Credit: Legoland

Surfer’s Cove

Surfer’s Cove is the newest addition to Legoland Water Park. It was opened publicly in June 2017. It is one of the most thrilling rides for especially adults, older children, and confident young swimmers. People love this ride because of its variety and facilities around it. Let’s have a quick look at all the features of Surfer’s Cove-

·        Riptide Racers

·        Six Water Slides

·        Race competition

·        Wipeout Lagoon

·        Beach Street Tacos

Riptide Racers. Credit: Legoland

Riptide Racers

‘Riptide Racers' is great fun for racing lovers. If you want to have a pleasing experience and want to have a daring ride, then Riptide racers will leave you speechless. It is a racing water slide where racers put their mats down on the slide’s starting point, and they jump on the mats placing their head first.

Six Water Slides. Credit: Legoland

Six Water Slides

Surfer’s Cove consists of six water slides that are 17 feet high and more than 100 feet in length. Slides are the main feature of Surfer’s Cove.

Race Competition. Credit: Patch

Race Competition

In surfer's Cove, you will get something to chill yourself. They arrange racing competitions often. Just like this; 3 teams, Red, White and Blue racers will take a race where two people from each group will race against other teams.

Three racing events will occur and the team who reaches the endpoint at the lowest time will announce the winner. You might be thinking about if there will be any prizes. You will get a Lego trophy. In addition to this prize, you will get the chance of posing for a photo shoot to celebrate your big win.

Wipeout.Lagoon.Credit: Legoland

Wipeout Lagoon

Wipeout Lagoon is a Lego-themed splash pad. It is a ‘Spray Ground,' and it includes water jets splashing water continuously while creating a wave effect.

Beach Street Tacos. Credit: LC Studio

Beach Street Tacos

Water Park's culinary team has created Beach street tacos to make your voyage through Surfer's Cove more pleasing. If you're hungry and want to have tasty, delicious food items, then taste Tacos, and you will love them. It includes Carnitas which are insanely delicious.

Facts about Surfer’s Cove

·        Surfer’s cove splash beyond all existing water slides in Legoland

·        50 of the Ronald McDonald families received early access in Surfer’s Cove in 2017.

·        You will only find Surfer's Cove to arrange a racing competition in Legoland


·        Ages 2 to 12 with their parents are allowed

·        Guests using artificial body parts should put it off before riding

·        Keep your eyes on a sensitive child.

Is it a real gem for parents?

Are you feeling bored while your kids have fun around Waterpark? If you are a parent and have kids, then you will love to hang out in Legoland Water Park as well. Legoland features such rides which can make the adults feel pleasant moments in Legoland.

Ideal rides for parents

Joker soaker and Splash Zoo don't have any restrictions for adults whereas other rides have. Perhaps, you and your whole family want to ride on a specific rider. Don't worry; accompany your kids and get on the trip.

Another ride is the orange rush which adults will find adventurous enough. It is a family-sized ride that slides down a curving track and is large enough for four people. 130-foot long side-by-side long tube slides that end in the pool.

Staying in Legoland

Feeling hungry and planning for an overnight stay? Then choose the Ninjago Hotel which includes 250 rooms located in the park. It includes the parking lot. Entry passes include hotel packages and it gets sold separately for different locations and Legoland Water Park.

Days & Hours of Operation

Legoland Waterpark is open all through the year round. You will find several months off while selecting this place as fun. Usually, the months of January, February, November, and December will be off a whole month. They have several schedules for different days.

They usually open through the summer season and in 2018 the month of July was the summer season, and they opened for the whole month. They opened for the entire month of August as well, but their timing was different. In summer, they generally begin at 10 am and close at 7 pm.

For special events, such as Brick-or-Treat party nights they close late at 9 pm.  You will get the concept of their timing once you have a quick look at their timings for the month of 2018-

·        January, February, November, and December is off for a whole month

·        March and April; 12 pm to 5 pm and 11 am to 5 pm

·        May; 10am to 5pm, 10am to 6pm,  12pm to 5pm

·        June; 12pm to 5pm, 10am to 6pm, 10am to 7 pm

·        July; 10 am to 7 pm

·        August; 10am to 7pm, 10am to 6pm, 10am to 5pm

·        September; 12pm to 5pm, 10am to 6pm, 10am to 5pm

·        October; 12 pm to 5 pm

Admission to Legoland Waterpark

·        For riders aged 3 and up, it’s a $30 upgrade for a standard charge

·        For toddlers ages 1 to 2 it’s $5

·        Waterpark Hopper pass for all riders is $116, for children of 3 to 12 it’s $110

·        Resort one day Hopper $119 for adults, For children of 3 to 12, $113

What should you pack?

Bring essential things with you. Most of the things you can buy from the water park. In case you overlook something when coming to Waterpark; don’t worry you can buy things from the waterpark-

·        Swimwear

·        Towels

·        Sunscreen

·        Clothing and grooming supplies

Better would be to bring as few things as you can, so later you can put things inside lockers. Lockers are available for rent.


Legoland waterpark is at California, One Legoland Drive, Carlsbad, and CA 92008. It is east of the I-5 Freeway, 30 minutes north of San Diego, and one hour south of Anaheim. Legoland's website is suggesting Google Maps and Waze have been creating issues and the visitor is getting the wrong entrance. Let's see how you can have the right direction from different territories to Legoland-

From North San Diego

·        Take a turn to 5 South to Cannon Road

·        Head East

·        Turn right at Legoland Drive

·        Follow signs to Legoland

From North San Diego County Inland

·        Take turn to15 North or South to 78 West to Interstate 5 south

·        Take Cannon Road

·        Head East

·        Turn Right at Legoland Drive

·        Follow signs to Legoland

From the Coastal area of San Diego

·        Take Interstate 5 North to Cannon Road

·        Head East

·        Turn right at Legoland Drive

·        Follow signs to Legoland

From East County of San Diego

·        Take 8 West to Interstate 5 North to Cannon Road

·        Head East

·        Turn right at Legoland Drive

·        Follow signs to Legoland

From Orange County and Los Angeles

·        Take a turn to the 405 South/ Interstate 5 South to Cannon Road

·        Head East

·        Turn right at Legoland Drive

·        Follow signs to Legoland

 The direction to Legoland should finish on Legoland Drive.

Fun Facts about Legoland Waterpark

·        It is the world's first Lego-themed Waterpark

·        Legoland Water Park is the most significant addition to Legoland California

·        It includes 22 Lego Models in Waterpark alone

·        There are five of the Jumbo LEGO models which weigh about 250 pounds

·        Recycled bins and benches in Water Park are solely made of recycled milk jugs

Water Park in CA_Wikimedia Common

Few Other Water Parks in California that might interest you

You might be thinking about other rides and water parks in California. Yes, there are a bunch of other water parks where you can find something different than Legoland Water Park. It will be a pleasing experience for Water sliders who love daring slides and thrilling rides. Each water park is unique and different in its way. Some of them are-

·        Boomerang Bay

·        Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

·        Raging Waters

Boomerang Bay

Boomerang Bay is situated in Santa Clara, California. This water slide park established in 2004 with 11 acres of land. It consists of 6 water slides, three pools, and two children areas. Check the different sections of this amusement park-

·        Boomerang Lagoon

·        Castaway Creek

·        Didgeridoo Falls

·        Down Under Thunder

·        Great Barrier Reef

·        Jackaroo Landing

·        Kookaburra Cay

·        Ripsnort Ridge

·        Screaming Wombat

·        Tasmanian Typhoon

Boomerang Lagoon

It is a typical water place that contains 150000 gallons of water and is a fun place for your friends and family.

Castaway Creek

This is the most extended water lounge in Boomerang Bay for all ages. Children less than 42 inches taller are required to wear a life jacket.

Castaway Creek

54-foot platform waterslide puts riders enjoy on the raft by gliding through turns.

Down Under Thunder

This slide is a remarkable water adventure that you will remember. Ride two-person tubes down a chute and then slide down a vertical wall before coasting to the ground. 4 feet in height is the minimum requirement.

Great Barrier Reef

Enjoy the excitement of ocean waves without the sand. Children less than 4 feet in height require wearing a life jacket.

Jackaroo Landing

It is a castle of whole Australian adventure connected by bridges, passageways, and rope ladders. Be careful of water jets and water that spills from the top. 3 feet in height is the minimum requirement.

Ripsnort Ridge

30-foot tall water slide and 45-degree chute riding for adventurous riders. The minimum height is 4 feet here.

Screamin’ Wombat

Three stories tall water slide which includes twist and serpentine curves waits for riders to scream loudly. 4 feet in height is the minimum requirement here.

Tasmanian Typhoon

Tasmanian Typhoon is a two-person water slide with a series of watery twists and turns. 4 feet is the recommended height here.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbour_Credit: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Twitter


Six Flags Hurricane Harbour

It was named ‘'Waterworld California'' till 2007.  Now it's called ‘'Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord''. The great thing about this waterpark is it has varieties of rides. They divided it into three sections for their visitor. All of their trips require at least 4 feet of height for riders.

·        Family Rides

·        Kids Rides

·        Thrill Rides

Family rides

Be prepared to get wobbled. You get different types of slides here for your relaxation.

·        Breaker Beach

·        Kaanapali Kooler Lazy River

·        Splashwater Island

·        The Big Kahuna

·        Treasure Island

Kids Rides

Riders come to seek thrill from their voyage. Kids are excluded from these riders. They have only one section for kids -

·        Splashwater Island

Thrill Rides

Are you looking for more fun and thrilling rides? You can find it here. They are providing hydro-powered thrills to the riders here in this section. This is the craziest, wettest, fastest section in all of their rides. Let's look at these rides at a glance-

·        Break Point Plunge

·        Cliffhanger

·        Honolulu Halfpipe

·        Hurricane Slide Complex

·        Tornado

·        Typhoon Slide Complex

Raging Waters

They call themselves California's largest water park. This park was founded in 1983. There is a total number of 50 slides just waiting for you to come. Different rides’ including Wave Cove, Dragons Den, and Raging Racer for race lovers included. Let's take a look at their rides for different sections. They also have three different sections-

·        Rides and Slides

·        Waves, Rivers, and pools

·        Kiddie Attractions

Rides and Slides

This section includes different slides and rides for several riders. It includes-

·        Aqua Rocket

·        The Bermuda Triangle

·        Dark Hole

·        Dragon’s Den

·        Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror

·        Drop out

·        High Extreme

·        Neptune’s Fury

·        Ragin’ Racer

·        Speed Slides

·        Thunder Rapids

·        Vortex

Waves, Rivers, and Pools

This section is for basking in the sun and floating lazily on water splash. It includes-

·        Amazon Adventure

·        Lily Pads

·        Wave Cove

Kiddie Attractions

This section is only for kids who are less than 4 feet in height. Accompany by the parents or an adult is recommended. This section includes-

·        Kid’s Kingdom

·        Little Dipper

·        Splash Island Adventure

·        Volcano Fantasea


In concluding Water parks are the center of entertainment. When you feel bored during summer vacation and want to have an enjoyable trip with your family and friends you can choose Legoland Water Park for your ultimate pleasure. It includes all the facilities for your family, but if you want rides for grown-ups, you can check other water parks.


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