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Best Food Photographers on Instagram to Follow

Instagram Food Photography. Credit: WPFlare   There are plenty of food photographers on Instagram. A simple hashtag search on Instagram opens up millions of food photographer profiles within a second. Their food photography is so drool-worthy and artfully crafted that the recipe becomes intense and lively. So, Instagram is clearly an influential platform for food photographers. So, who are these foodie photographers? Make your Instagram feed more appetizing with these best food photographers on Instagram. Find out! What Is an Instagram Food Photography? Like other food photography, Instagram food photographers fill their social media with exclusive food photos such as homemade food, smothered pancakes, partisan ice cream cones, well-filtered protein bars, and including various other food photographs. They bring out the best food photographs and create appetizing social posts. Well-defined food photography depends on the best lighting that shines on the different angles

Top DIY blogs you should visit

DIY Stuff making/chesrishpaperieg

DIY blogs are such informative and rich websites that provide information about all the possible outcomes of ‘’Do-it-yourself’’ activities. It also provides the ‘’how-to-do’’ task which is essential for our everyday life. DIY blogs are related to the broad dimension where these websites discuss lifestyle.

We will discuss home improvement, woodworking, metalworking, technology, and electronics on certain websites in the following.

What are DIY blogs

DIY stands for ‘'Do-it-yourself''. This term is used to refer to repairing and remodeling the tasks for yourself and working for a full range of mainstream society or non-mainstream society. Instances like social activity groups, political groups, and free art, music, and film.

The idea is you have to do it yourself without any co-operation of professionals. The activity of doing or repairing things around your home that you can recycle and arrange things just like the way professionals do or at their closest.


Impact of DIY blogs

The result of the DIY blog is various. DIY blogs explain the lifestyle that we usually lead in everyday life but with much creativity. DIY blogs explain how to make things more efficient, and they demonstrate the abstract knowledge of doing things more accurately like the professionals. 

Many websites such as about home decorating, Fashion, crafts, the latest trending, woodworking, arranging bridal and marriage petals, furniture, and their own style of making different things through their imagination and creativity.

Some of the top DIY blogs are listed below.

Different types of DIY blogs

1.      Home improvement.

2.    Woodworking.

3.    Metalworking.

4.    Technology.

5.     Electronics.

Below are some top DIY blogs mentioned:

Do It Yourself – How Does She

This blog's aim is to empower and inspire women in diverse activities. They have professionals from all over the United States and Canada to operate their businesses.
They're committed to bringing you DIY projects, crafts, family fun ideas, delicious recipes, and strategies to help you raise a beautiful family.
Started: 2009
Post: 1-2 per week
Location: USA & Canada
Facebook followers: They have 2,187,236 followers. Through their Facebook, they expect to extend their activities and dedication to their customers.
Twitter: They have 8K followers. Their post comes about a week or 2-3 days later.
Instagram: They have 122k followers and post comes per day.


Ugly Duckling House

This blog started the day owner of the blog moved to Atlanta, Georgia. The owner of the site name is Sarah. Her blog is full of projects she has been doing with instructions, pictures, Videos, and a combination of humor. She promotes others to do what she does. She thinks if she can do the projects anyone can do it.

Post: 1

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Facebook followers:  They have 4k Followers. The job comes per day.

Instagram: 8.5k followers and posts come per day.


Centsational style

This blog is for design lover or interior designer who loves to act in their creativity. The blog owner is Kate Riley who is a design lover, renovator, and DIYer. The focus here is to inspire people in creating the design, and small home improvements, and cover enough decorating ideas. Kate is always sharing her thoughts and home improvement projects through her websites.


Started: 2006

Post: Post comes after three days.

Location: Northern California.

Facebook followers: They have 57,062 followers.

Twitter:  They have 32k followers.



Young House Love

This blog’s owners are expert DIYers, and their projects come from redesigning floor plans to decorating and arranging rooms. The owners are both husband and wife. When starting their blog, they had three renovated homes, several books and designed their products, and sold at target. They have such projects that didn't work entirely, and they want to promote that often DIYers can struggle as well.
Started: 2007
Posts: Post comes about one week or per 2-4 days.
Location: Richmond, Virginia.
Facebook followers:  They have 178k followers. The post comes per day.
Twitter: They have 29.7k followers. The post comes per day.
Instagram: They have 234k followers. The post comes per day.



This blog starts with an interior designer whose motto is recycling everything and how to reuse it. The owner of the blog is Cassity. Their project demonstrates with lots of video information, instructions, and photos. They included interior and exterior design on their website. They also told about their specific project activity, and how long it would take to do a project properly. 

Post per week: Not available

Facebook followers: They have 560k followers. Multiple posts per day.

Instagram: They have 121k followers. 2 posts per day.

Twitter: They have 11k followers. Multiple posts per day.



Old Town Home

Having bought their first house in early 2003, they started their journey after 12 years of their homeownership. After a year of facing challenges, they decided to share their story of DIY adventures. So, others can learn things from them. They mostly do interior decoration and renovation for their followers.

Posts: 2-3 in a month.

Facebook followers: They have 1.5k followers. The post comes about 1-2 per day.

Instagram: They have 2.6k followers. The post comes.

Twitter: They have 1k followers. The post comes per 2-3 days.


The Design Confidential

Ryan is the founder of this blog. A DIY and design shelter blog where mainly she discusses her interior design. She is passionate about handmade objects, and her specialty is excellent hand-making objects and furniture, thinking private, exceptional, and detailed instructions given on her blog for the followers.

Post: 2 per month.

Facebook followers: They have 28k followers.  Usually, two posts per month, If they get a new project in hand.

Instagram: They have 49k followers. Generally, two jobs per month if they get a new project in hand. 

Twitter: They have 2.1k followers. and 2 posts per month.



Manhattan Nest

This blog is all about interior design, Home renovations. The owner of this website is Daniel. He collects old antique things and turns them into the new object. He is obsessed with interior design.

Started: 2010

Post: Per week.

Location: Manhattan

Facebook followers:  3.8k followers and growing. One post per week.

Instagram: 18.6k followers. The post comes every other day.

Twitter: 3.3k followers. The post comes per day.


House tweaking

The blog owner is Dana. The blog started with the passion for rebuilding her first and second homes. Then she exchanged her McMansion home for a 1950's antique home which was abundant with old things. She organized, and decorate all the items and turned them into a sparkly new objects. You can find a lot of interior design-related posts on her blog.

Started: 2002

Post: Per month.

Instagram: They have 73k followers. Usually, two posts per month, if they get a new project in hand.

Twitter: They have 1.8k followers.



320 Sycamore

The blog owner is Melissa. Her passion and dedication start with a movie called ‘'It's a Wonderful Life''. She told that movie was about a couple who started their life journey with a wrecked house and later turned it into a piece of a home sweet home. That's how she started her blog. A blog is all about interior design.

Started: 2008

Post: Every other day.



DIY Playbook

Meet Casey and Bridget. The blog wasn’t just created overnight. It was the fruitful result of these friends who wanted to open a mutual interior design blog. They are just obsessive about making the interior design more elegant and making it easy for the followers.

Started: 2013.

Post: 2 per day.

Location: Chicago

Facebook followers: They have 8.5k followers. The post comes two per day.

Instagram: They have 38k followers. The post comes per day.

Twitter: They have 1.9k followers. The post comes two per day.


with heart (Stagg-Design)

The blog owner is Jen. She believes ‘'A House'' should tell your story. She was a reporter and an award-winning anchor, but now she revolves around interior house design. She will help you make a beautiful home with interior decorations which might make your guests and family members bamboozled. She has video and print tutorials as well.

Post: Per month.

Facebook followers:  3.4k followers. The post comes per week.

Twitter: 3.5k followers. The post comes per month if she gets a new project.



For the makers

The blog owner is Janet. She considers DIY should be fun to work with and she believes in making new things by self-esteem. She thinks if you can make a tiny little something then you should consider making it bigger. She aims at creating stuff by discovering and designing the object you find.

Facebook followers: They have 3.4k followers. The post usually comes per month.

Instagram: 4k followers. The post comes 4-5 per month if they have a project in hands.

Twitter: 1.4k followers. The post comes thrice or twice per month.



Dream Green DIY

Carrie Waller believes in making the tiny little things into some most significant investments that you wouldn't even expect to see. She has a studio art and art history background which helps her contemplate new things and sort out messy wrecked objects into a piece of work and creativity.

Started: 2011

Location: Virginia.

Facebook followers:  4.3k followers. The post comes per day.

Instagram: 16.4k followers. The post comes every week.

Twitter: 2.5k followers. The post comes every other day.




The blog owner is Julia. She has varieties of designs and arts that will blow your mind. Dresser makeovers and Different Curtain paintings are some mentionable arts she has created so far. She used to study in art school when she was a teenager. She is from Germany. She believes in making the smallest things by turning them into possible and beautiful things.

Post: 2 per week.

Location: Germany.

Facebook followers:  8.8K followers. The post comes every other day.

Instagram: 36k followers. The post comes every other day.

Twitter: 1.2k followers. The post comes per week.



Damask Love

The blog owner is Amber. She transforms every little thing into a colorful object, such as glasses, vases, and photo frames. She loves crafting. It started when she and her friend aspire to do a craft box with glitter, and paper and fill each one with candies, and handwritten cards. You should take a look at her website to construct and gather your knowledge of making crafting things.

Started: 2015

Post: Post comes per week.

Facebook followers: 29k followers. The post comes every other day.

Instagram: 44k followers. The post comes every other day.

Twitter: 2.1k followers. The post comes per month.



Almost Makes Perfect

The blog owner is molly. She used to work freelance as a designer and TV editor. She thinks she’s not perfect at making crafting. She learned through mistakes and still learning. She is good at crafting, cooking, decorating but sometimes mess stuff up. She thinks it is the process of making things perfect.

Post: Post comes per week.

Location: Los Angeles.

Facebook followers:  6.8k followers. The post comes every other day.

Instagram: 54k followers. Generally, Post comes every other day

Twitter: 1.8k followers. The post comes twice per day.




The owner of the blog is Jan Earl. This blog is generous and abundance of stylish DIY projects. Get hold of your hands if you're fond of  IKEA Hacks, Decoration and design, Entertaining, and varieties of sneak-peak and news.

Post per week: Every other day.

Facebook followers:  50k followers. The post comes every other day.

Instagram: 44k followers. The post comes every other day.

Twitter: 36k Followers. The post comes per week



In conclude, these websites provide the idea of crafting and making old things turning into new potential art. You can get ideas about decorating objects just the way you like them. Each of the websites supplies tools and instructions through their views.



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