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Various Ways for Blackheads Removal: Causes, Effects, Tips

Blackheads Removal

Blackhead; is an open comedo in clinical terms. It occurs when dead skin is combined on a specific area of skin, such as on the nose area, head, face, and elbow. Sometimes dirt on the skin's surface could cause blackheads.

In this case, you need to be cautious about your skin; oily skin is more prone to be affected because oily substance lures things in the air more easily on the skin, which is later visible on the skin surface that looks darker, and on fair skin, you can detect it instantly.

On blackheads, you can see hair follicles in the pores and substance as sebum underneath the pores. 

So, we need to find a solution for blackhead removal.

What are blackheads and their symptoms?

Blackheads are hair follicles. In our body, there are millions of hair follicles, and underneath the skin exists the sebaceous gland that produces oil and keeps the skin softer. 

We discussed earlier that Blackhead is an open comedo in clinical terms which is a clogged hair follicle that is combined with a sebaceous substance to block the pore of the skin. The word ‘’comedo'' means ‘to eat up.'

Anyone can easily mark a blackhead as it is a dark spot on the skin. Blackheads on the surface look like other skin-related diseases, but it is a skin disease like pimples. 

They aren't painful or look reddish like a pimple, but pimples forms when bacteria gets involved in the skin. In this case, blackheads don't deal with bacteria, so it doesn't get a reddish look on the surface.

In this case, blackhead removal needs to sum up.

What causes blackheads?

Blackheads are a combination of clogged hair follicles and sebum substance, both of these collects in the first air-producing comedo. 

If the skin over comedo puts itself closed then, it will be a whitehead, and if it opens up, then it will be a blackhead. Getting exposed to the air causes the whitehead looks black.

Here are some facts about blackheads that causes blackhead to spread on the skin:

When the body produces too much oil and especially on oily skin blackheads get a chance to spread more sporadically Cause oily skin produces more oily substances combined with normal conditions of oily skin and it does get severe. 

Pimples and acne bacteria on the skin. 

While hormonal issues produce by genetically injecting the hormonal medicine. 

Birth control pills can cause temporary blackheads issues.  

Some of the drugs such as Steroids, Lithium, and DHEA.

Which skin types get affected?

There are certain kinds of skin types in our bodies. An oily substance such as sebum can be too much on the skin and it is mainly the skin type that affects the skin to raise Blackheads. 

Taking different drugs can change the whole scenario but typically Oily and the combination of oily and dry skin mostly get affected. The reason is quite simple, your skin contains more oily substances than usual. Blackhead removal is the only solution to overcome this condition.

The effect after removing blackheads

You need to be cautious about eliminating blackheads. You must not squeeze or tip on the side of blackheads instead you should try removing it clinically or naturally.

·        Skin irritation

·        Pale or reddish looks

·        Nipping of skin

·        Feeling Vague

·        Discoloration

·        Swelling on the skin

Area of skin


The nose is more prone to get blackheads because it gets exposed to the sun more than any other part of the body. Sometimes trunk receives the fat and tiny thing which looks just like blackheads. It increases in size and spread over time on the skin.


The face is the most prominent part of the human body which exposes more than many parts of our organization. Mostly could be sensitive to the sun and gets different substances from the sun which cause small symptoms in the body.


The Head could be exposed to blackheads due to Head is more than an exposed part of our body.


Elbow has a different side of affecting area because it’s more prone to get infected with dirt and exposed like other parts of our body.

Ways to remove blackheads

·        Natural

1.  Egg White. Egg whites help to make stronger the area of the pores and help to eliminate current blackheads. After applying Egg white, use honey for skin brightening, and Egg white is mainly suited for oily skin.

2.   Cinnamon. This natural substance helps grow the blood circulation on the skin and keeps your skin free from all benign skin diseases like acne and pimples. You need to have cinnamon powder and add something liquid like juice to apply on the pores. It's suitable for oily and combination skin.

3.   Green tea. Green tea is enriched with antioxidants, and it clears up the skin to make you glowing and brighter. Make tea leaves adding water into it and mix it very well and apply it on your face for half an hour.

4.   Strawberry. Strawberry removes blackheads quite efficiently due to its rich Vitamin C. it cleanses the blocked pores and removes any undesired substance from the skin. You need liquid material like juice add honey and crushed strawberry, mix it very well and apply on the affected area. Keep it for 19-20 minutes.

5.    Tomatoes. Tomato has the effect of removing undesired pores on the body, it has the curing ability to remove acne and pimples due to its lycopene, and it helps parched-up blackheads remove all the black and dead skin. To make the recipe, you need to mash the tomato and chop it, if possible make it a liquid and apply it on your skin before going to bed. Keep it on your face till morning.

·        Clinical

1.     Salicylic Acid Doctors prescribed not to use Benzoyl Peroxide; instead, you have to use Salicylic Acid which uses for breaking down blackheads and whiteheads because it breaks down the clog between pores and an oily substance. Use a cleanser that has Salicylic Acid, you should use it at night, and later you can use regular soap.

2.   AHAs & BHAs Glycolic Acid (AHA), Salicylic Acid (BHA). These help to remove dead cells on the skin and remove clogged pores. It softens your skin by eliminating pores under the skin.

3.   Retinoid Retinoid help other processes faster and stronger ineffective way. It makes the process forward by entering into the follicle.

4.   Chemical Peel Chemical peels mainly use for reducing spots and wrinkles. It uses AHAs, and chemical peel removes the top layer of the skin. It allows your skin smoother and removes dead skin cells.

·        Other Ways

Exfoliate regularly  

Exfoliate your skin regularly so that your skin can cause cleaner pores. It helps remove dead skin cells from your surface. Exfoliating will result in removing existing blackheads. 

Redness and irritation are other causes that raise the level of acne and pimple on your skin. Exfoliating helps the clogged pores clean up. It can decrease wrinkles and blackheads.

Blackhead Removal Strips  

You can realize what this thing is by looking at the title. Some of the best pore strips that can ease your thinking about removing the blackhead are mentioned below.

·        Cameleon Nose Strips

·        Pore Strips

Sea salt for Blackhead removal. This method of removing blackheads has been around for ages. It helps kill bacteria that grow during acne or pimples and most significantly. 

When it spreads around blackheads; sea salt tries to remove the top layer part of the skin and clean up the bacterial infection on the surface. It also reduces excessive oiliness on the surface. 

It primarily consumes the skin’s bacteria and oil, and later unclogs your skin pores quite efficiently. There is a caution about overusing this substance. Your skin can mostly dry out causing irritation and redness if your skin might arise during or after excessively using the sea salt. 

Consume foods rich in Vitamin C 

You can use a large amount of Vitamin C to decrease the probability of Blackheads.  

Vitamin C cleans up the skin and it smooths the skin with antioxidants that can even save you from the sun while making you free from discoloration and blackheads breakouts will fade away with brightening, and you will look younger than ever.

Some of the products you can look for in the market or internet to make you gain the highest possible chance of being fresh and having younger-looking skin. 

Vitamin C is ultimately the master of all treatments that you can even think of before buying anything else, and it's much cheaper to buy a bunch of foods that you're going to use naturally.

With Milk and Honey. Blackheads look irritating, and it leaves you unattractive to others as well as spoil your beauty. Make a Milk and Honey peel-off mask by adding one tablespoon of honey and raw milk. 

Milk and baby should be warm in the microwave and make a thick paste. Apply it on the face, keep it for about an hour and wash the face with water. Be careful of excessive use.

Machine. Blackhead remover machine that works quite well. Some of the available machinery is in the market and open to buy. 

First, you have to loosen your blackheads rigidity by exfoliating and steaming up for a particular amount of time, and later use Doctor’s prescribed machine if you want to. It will peel off your blackheads quite efficiently.

Who to consult with

Blackheads are a problem for men who are very much outgoing and use many drugs to cure any diseases. Drug side effects cause blackheads and sometimes natural or clinical ways of removing blackheads don't work at home. 

So, you need to consult with a specialist who is a Dermatologist and specialist as well as his experience of handling many patients for years.


Trying the above methods might resolve your blackheads issue but you have to be watchful of using this from time to time due to overuse might cause harming your health, and most probably it might increase the chance of getting blackheads more than you used to. 

In urgent situations consult with a doctor when needed, and it should be a dermatologist.


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