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Fruit Fly Trap DIY: Varities, Making & Tips

When you return from the market with groceries, you can see some bugs flying around, and it will be annoying if those stay all day long. There is something significant that can help you out to remove this annoying little creature from your home.

Fruit flies usually infest foods that they find colorful, and after a while, you can see part of your fruit has eaten away, and your favorite fruit becomes unpalatable. When fruit flies buzz around you can think that your fruit is ripened and has become the source of their food.

So, you need an effective fruit fly trap to work with this situation.

Making the fruit fly trap

There are different kinds of fruit fly traps that you can make on your own. We call it a homemade fruit fly trap or DIY fruit fly trap. You need to remember that fruit flies are prone to fly over fruits that are ripe. Overripe fruits are the choice of flies’ breeding ground. Following, different traps expose how to get rid of fruit flies.

Vinegar Trap

Annoying fruit flies always fly over the foods they can hatch on. You need some basic knowledge about making this trap. No hand tool is required. You need Cider Vinegar, Soap, and Wrapping paper. 

Pour enough vinegar into the jar while adding the drop of soap liquid. It will assure fruit flies can't just sit on the liquid rather they will be on the vinegar too.

Now, put a cover on the whole jar while placing some holes on top of the cover. It is the most used method of making the fruit fly trap.

Wine trap

It's an easy trap to make like a Vinegar trap. You need a bowl, cup of red wine, dish soap, or dishwashing liquid. Wine removes the odor of the different types of fruits that helps ferment and soap help flies keep underneath the surface when they come on top. Try not to add strong smelly dishwashing soap.

Banana Trap

Create a trap using a funnel from paper or tissue paper and put it into a pot or jar filled with vinegar at the bottom of it and use unscented drops of dishwashing liquid. Use a bit of banana that is ripened enough. You can add those without vinegar.

Soap Trap

In a bowl or cup, add water and some drops of dishwashing soap, and a spoon of cider vinegar. Stir them together. Dishwashing soap will help to keep flies underneath the mixed substance while they will try to stay on top and vinegar will attract flies into the jar.

Consider Carnivorous Plants

Get a carnivorous plant and put them in the window or open place of the home where flies usually come or put those fruits in front of these plants. These plants typically give you solutions to not using any products. These plants trap flies in their sticky part and immediately kill them.

Apple cider vinegar

Left some vinegar in a jar or bowl and leave those in the bottom of it. Vinegar is usually used to attract flies. Cover the jar or container with wrapping paper and use a toothpick to make a hole on the lid of the pot. 

Later, flies will go in, but they can't come out. Regularly change the pot’s liquid.

A paper funnel

Make a tube by rolling a piece of paper or kitchen funnel and putting it into a jar making a sizeable round shape part and a narrow part. Since vinegar is used to attract the flies, you should add some vinegar to the pot. Flies come once, but they can't come out ever.

Soda Trap

Get a bottle of soda and eat the whole pop leave something at the bottom of the bottle. Make a hole into the soda lid and watch flies come over and fly over the soda bottle.

Yeast Trap

Fill a glass of mildly hot water and add a tablespoon of sugar, add some yeast. Mix the whole ingredients and see if it creates a bubble. Cover the entire glass with plastic wrap and create a hole on the top.

Watch out for the holes. If the hole gets bigger, flies will get out of the glass trap. So, make the gap smaller.

Sticky strips

It may look strange, but it works on specific points for catching a small number of flies. You get back from the market with some colorful fruits, and suddenly you spotted some flies around you. If you put new nuts while hanging up some strips in front of the nuts then you can decrease the number of flies quickly. This sticky part is quite efficient for creating a fruit fly trap.

Tips and Warning

·      Keep vinegar, Ceramic, or Glasses away from children

·      Vinegar evaporates easily, so, consider putting vinegar in a pot where it will not get dried up quickly

Flies Activity

Flies activity in your home increases, when there’s a chance that you are bringing new things to your home. There's a chance that you came back from the market and brought bugs flying along with you. Following are some activities of flies:

Flies Breeding

Think if you have a home where you don't clean up dirty mess very much, and flies will take the lead to make your home their next level of breeding ground. They can breed a hundred percent faster than any bugs, and there's a myth that they cannot live longer than 24-48 hours.

Their life cycle varies, and they can live longer than usual in insects like roaches or lizards. Flies lay 100-500 eggs per day when they’re able to get bred.


Flies carry diseases and spread them on their infested or overripe fruit. If you have a kitten's litter box, you can see flies fleeing over there as the kittens are not always cleaned up.

You can find them near the bathroom, a kitchen where water flows and near the toilets as well. You can have different types of diseases like Typhoid, Cholera, Dysentery, and different kind of diseases Salmonella, Anthrax, and Tuberculosis.

So, cleaning up your dirty home’s mess is the first solution to being freed from flies instead of making the fruit fly trap.

In Drains

Drain flies are often called sewer flies and filter flies. These flies are also found in fruit flies when there's a chance that you live nearby some sewerage or utility hole that is open up and lots of flies flying over the hole all the time.

In some cases, if you have a kitchen near the sewerage or utility hole, then you are prone to get more flies than ever.

Clean up breeding sites

Clean out drains

Cleaning drains in a kitchen will help you a lot in getting rid of flies. Flies like to produce in the pipe when you get fresh fruit or frequently rotten fruit. You can put a fan on the ventilator to keep the flies away from the kitchen.


Freezing will help your kitchen free from flies. When you take vegetables into your home, wash them and put them in the freezer to decrease the chance of getting flies over and over again. Using a freezer reduces the chance of getting your foods rotten. So, flies won't get the chance of investing in those foods.


You may unconsciously bring your vegetable or fruit and put them in the freezer. This way flies get the chance of growing into fruits or vegetables. Sometimes Vegetables or fruits have a sticky substance that creates a hole to get in the flies. So, beware of getting captured by flies.

Getting rid of flies is not a hard task to do. Do any methods over and over for the specific period. As long as they don't get obliterated, you need to repeat them to get the best results. You can use some spray or medicine to remove the fruit flies instantly.


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