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Top Grocery Delivery Service Near you with Facts and Reviews

Grocery Delivery Services Near Me/


Are you living in a city where it's hustle and bustle with the overcrowded situation all over the place? Are you in fear of crowds and annoyed to go to the supermarket? Then grocery delivery service is right there for you. 

Grocery delivery service generally delivers the grocery products that you see in the supermarket. Hence, you need to choose the grocery delivery service near you.

They deliver fresh and usually non-perishable products saved in plastic bags or jars. If you are from a rural city and can't reach the supermarket, then you can think of going for a grocery delivery service near you.

There are more than thousands of grocery delivery services available, and more services are popping up these days. 

Some companies like Instacart; Wegmans have been delivering groceries to the public for over a decade.

Below I showed some of the best grocery delivery services available, and I hope this list will help you choose the best one.

Impact of Grocery on Average Americans’ Lives

This is the era of technology, and as we are becoming deep-rooted in the age of technology, it comprises online grocery shopping gradually. Online grocery shopping is one of the fastest growing businesses in product delivery systems.

As the day goes by, Americans trust more grocery delivery services. The noisy, annoying crowded place in the supermarket is the main reason for the diversion to the grocery shops. 

Instead, they prefer a grocery online delivery system that brings your favorite product or food to your doorstep.

Regardless of the smallest channels in the US or UK grocery market, the online grocery delivery system is the fastest growing and predicts will double in numbers by 2019. 

Here are some interesting facts about grocery shopping –

·        An average shopper spends 41 minutes in the grocery store

·        Saturdays are the best chosen time for grocery shoppers

·        To avoid crowds, you may shop on Mondays or Tuesdays due to less traffic

·        69% of women and 52% of men are taking the list with them not to forget any item

·        57% of women and 41% of men are collecting promotional coupons

·      In grocery shopping, an average American spends 65% of total supermarket sales

·        70% of the shoppers are female among the grocery shoppers

·        In the U.S. people who mostly do groceries are 44 years of age

·        On average Over 40000 items carried by the grocery shops alone

·        25% of people’s average money has been spent for grocery shopping

·        On the study of 85 random shopping carts, 72% of them carry bacteria

·        On average we spend 60hours on grocery shopping per year.

Famous Grocery Delivery Services in America

Home grocery delivery services are booming and they take away a lot of the stress and time-consuming shopping trips from your daily life.

You think about going to the supermarket and find it a noisy and harsh place to wander around. If you can't even stand in a supermarket or grocery store, the grocery delivery service is waiting for you. 

You often think about stocking groceries in your fridge which come to your doorstep through online grocery delivery services.

There are lots of grocery delivery services available online. You can choose the better one based on your first choice. Wegmans, Publix, Google Express are some of the company which provides different services regarding grocery supply.

·        Wegmans (The Most Popular)

·        Publix(The Closest Competitor of Wegmans)

·        Trader Joe’s (California’s Super Chain)

·        AmazonFresh(Great for An Overall Grocery Experience)

·        H-E-B (The Great Retailer of Organic and Fine Foods)

·        Brandless(Ideal for Budget Grocery Shopping)

·        Google Express (The Speediest of All)

·        Walmart (The All-Time Major Food Retailer)

·        Instacart (A Reliable Name in Whole Foods Delivery)

·        Fresh Direct (The Name of Trust for East Coast Folks)

·        Costco (An Esteemed Wholesale Chain in Grocery Service)

·        Whole Foods Market (The Top Player in Whole Food Business)

·        Peapod (Suitable for Traditional Grocery Experience)

·        Thrive Market (Ideal for Organic Food Lovers)


Overview of Each Service

A grocery delivery system is a service that provides grocery items at your doorstep. If you find it difficult to go to the market and don't want to get muddled with the noisy, unclean, and smelly environment, then a grocery delivery system is at your fingertips. 

They offer diverse services like pricing of the product, where to collect the product, membership services, and delivery costs as well as special coupon promotion.


You have to either collect products from a store, or they will provide you the product by their agent. You have to pay the agent a delivery cost if they bring you their product


Some company offers free delivery if you purchase the product over some amounts. Such as ‘'Instacart'', you will get free delivery if you order over 35$ worth of products or you have to pay a fee to get your product delivered, such as, ‘AmazonFresh.'

Sell Rate

Some companies have fixed sell rates for conveying the product to your doorstep, such as ‘’Peapod’’, you have to purchase at least 60$ worth of product to get your product delivered


Some companies don’t want to provide tipping permission to their delivery agent. Some permits it.

Each company has its specialty; you have to choose the better one to suit your needs. Below for your convenience, I have given some delivery product services review that might interest you and let you want a better service.


Major Players in Grocery Business

There are some major competitors in the grocery delivery business. Grocery delivery requires; agents, proper costing according to customer satisfaction, and fresh and suitable product to be delivered to your customer.

Some company tops the grocery delivery business and acquires customer satisfaction.

Two top grocery delivery systems are ‘’Wegmans’’ and ‘’Publix’’. These are the two most popular providers when it comes to grocery items. Let’s start with Wegmans which is the biggest supermarket in the U.S. We will discuss their figures and facts in brief including ‘Publix.'




Wegmans is rated the number one supermarket in America. This is the most prominent and number one rated supermarket as well as a grocery store. There is a bunch of restaurant and café which connects to Wegmans.

Wegmans is enormous regarding the prepared food section, and they are going to be gigantic in that section shortly. They have several stores across the country.

Sections in brief

Wegmans is offering 70,000 individual products and over 700 fresh produce items; they have the famous Market Cafe, a 32-seat full-service restaurant within the store. They also have over 600 local employees, a much-needed boost for the regional economy. Let’s look at the sections they have-

·        Produce part

·        Juice and Smoothie Bar

·        Pharmacy

·        Frozen Food section

·        Homeware section

·        Bulk/Nut/Candy section

·        Large Mural

·        Beer Shop/ Craft Beer

·        Milk section

·        Dairy/Yogurt/Pudding

·        Floral section

·        Massive Cheese section

·        Meat section

·        Mediterranean Bar

·        Fish section

·        Bakery section

·        Prepared foods section.

Wegmans also includes deli, pizzeria, French patisserie, caterer, butcher, sushi counter, take-out food, sit-down restaurant, and home goods store.

Shopping in Wegmans will take you to a whole new world which provides you with all your daily needs. It would be a self-sustaining city that includes beautifully maintained things you may experience for the first time.

Their cheese selection is so great that they have 300+ different kinds of cheese items on hand and they include cheese messages to inspire you. They have a large selection of candy and olive bars which may leave you speechless. They are vast! Massive collection of DIY machines and they have an organic farm to produce groceries.

Let’s have a look at the quick facts about Wegmans;

Quick Facts

·        They have more than ninety stores across six states in the United States

·        and founded in 1916 in NY and Danny Wegman is the chairman

·        Number of Employees: 48,000 approximately

·        Types of Grocery Items: Organic, Processed Food

·        Specialties: Pharmacy, USDA-approved Foods

·        Promo Offers: They will give you coupons each month.

Delivery procedure and Fee

·        Use Instacart Wegman to get your delivery

·        Order more than $35 worth of products and the delivery fee will be $5.99

·        Besides, Annual membership by Instacart is $99 to $149 will be charged based on location.





Publix is an American supermarket chain shop in Lakeland, Florida. It is one of the closest competitors of Wegmans.

Why are people choosing Publix over Wegmans?

Grocery retailers were ranking Wegmans vs. Publix through an index. Grocery Index publication was trying to find out the customer's satisfaction ratio. The ratios between these two giants were 77% for Wegmans and 76% for Publix! This is the ultimate reason for Publix to head over Wegmans.

Publix has a much different structural building across the country. It seems their structure always welcomes you to be their regular shopper. They have a slogan which mainly inspires you to be their fan, ‘Where shopping is a pleasure.'

Publix is offering thousands of individual products and items. They have over 190,000 local employees, a much-needed boost for the regional economy. The Greenwise Market is another addition to their food stores. Their shopping sections are more significant than most grocery shops in America. Let’s look at their sections first-

·        Publix liquors

·        Food décor

·        Publix Bakery

·        Pepperidge

·        Publix customer service

·        Publix Pharmacy

·        Information center

·        Publix Sabor

·        Crispers

·        Starbucks

·        Presto

·        Food World

Quick Facts

·        Number of Stores: 1207 stores across the country

·        Founded in: 1930 in winter haven, Florida.

·        Number of employees: 190,0000 people

·        Types of Grocery Items: Over 23,000 products include organic and Processed foods

·        Specialties: One of the largest supermarket chains after Wegmans

·        Promo Offers: You will get an occasional discount and coupon codes.

Delivery procedure and Fee

·        $99 annual or $14 monthly membership fee requires for delivering products.

·        Get free shipping over $35 orders.

·        Less than $35 orders delivery charge is $7 per order.

Top Organic Food Suppliers

Organic food contains fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, and meat. There are many supermarket chain shops that provide organic foods, but regarding quality products, some chain shop tops the natural food supply. 

‘Thrive Market,' which is one of the top organic food suppliers in the country. Its mission is ‘’making healthy living affordable and accessible for every American family’’, according to Green.

Another favorite supermarket chain shop is H-E-B. They provide organic foods at affordable prices and provide USDA-approved products that are fresh and edible.


Thrive Market/Keeperofthehome


Thrive Market

Thrive market is one of the best organic and Non-GMO brand providers which is giving 25-50% off on all retail services every day. Thrive market wished for their customers to build a technology-based whole food for the people who are comfortable shopping for their budget pricing.

They have over 400000 members who are satisfied with the service. You will especially love Thrive Market when it comes to a particular occasion. You can shop according to their values. Their values include-

·        All costs - over 70 values.

·        Paleo

·        Vegan

·        Raw

·        Gluten free

·        Vegetarian

·        Ketogenic

·        AIP Diet

·        For Moms


They have hypoallergenic products and organic baby food as well. They have different categories of branded products, which contain-

·        Food

·        Bath and body

·        Vitamins and supplements

·        Meat and seafood

·        Beauty

·        Babies and kids.

Quick Facts

·        Some Branches/Shops/Stores:

·        Founded in: 2014

·        Number of employees: More than 500 People

·        Types of Grocery Items: Organic, Processed

·        Specialties: Non-GMO products, 50% off on organic products

·        Discount/Promo Offers: Visit the link to get promo offers for a different outcomes.






If you want to have a good appetite and to fill your plates with tasty organic choices, then H-E-B would be the supermarket you are searching for. This super chain shop is one of the top natural foods suppliers in the U.S. They have different brands in hand which will create interest in you for purchasing their products. Let's have a quick look at the outcomes of H-E-B-

·        H-E-B Brand Products

·        Selected ingredients

·        Organics products

·        Hill Country Fare products

·        H-E-Buddy Products

·        Central Market products

·        Cocinaware

·        H-E-B kitchen and Table

They are providing organic foods to their customers according to their demands, and this causes them to introduce USDA-certified natural products to their customers, and it is surprising to know that they have hundreds of organic food choices available in this supermarket.

There is another addition to their supermarket chains, which is H-E-B plus store and this offers everything from electronics to lawn furniture which they needed to create to provide something more than groceries. Let's have a brief look at their stores-

·        Baytown

·        Bellaire Market

·        Cross Creek

·        Jones Crossing

·        Market at Gosling

·        Kingwood Market

·        Marble Falls

·        Mont Belvieu

·        Richmond Market

They are confident to acquire customer satisfaction. Their brand promises-


·        Genetic engineering prohibited

·        Sustainable soil management methods

·        Grown using only organic compliant materials

For Beef, Lamb, Eggs, and dairy are raised on organic feed with no added growth hormones and processed in a certified natural facility. This is applied in poultry and pork as well.

Delivery System

If you want your product delivered right to your doorstep, then the H-E-B delivery system is waiting for you. They will give your product within 4 hours with freshness and low price guaranteed. If you order over 35$ products, you get 10$ off on your first order. The order procedure is as follows-

·        Use to sign up for product purchase

·        Choose H-E-B as your retailer

·        Shop from thousands of H-E-B products

·        Add them to your cart

·        Free grocery delivery for your first-time order

Quick Facts

·        Some Branches/Shops/Stores:

·        Founded in: 1905 in Texas U.S.

·        Employees: 100,000 in 2018

·        Types of Grocery Items: Processed, Organic

·        Specialties:  Organic products

·        Discount/Promo Offers: For promo offers click the link


Whole Food Providers

Whole foods are widely popular in U.S. Whole foods are not processed, or it is treated a little before it gets consumed. Grains, fruits, and vegetables are example of whole food products. Complete food provider also includes natural, organic foods which don't carry any fats, flavors, or artificial colors. Such as, ‘Whole Foods Market.'

You might be thinking about faster service that can provide your products within a short time. Instacart is the provider you can think about.  It is a widely popular whole food provider that delivers groceries to your doorstep within 2 hours.

Let’s see some details about Whole food markets and Instacart.

Instacart logo/



As a whole food provider, Instacart provides the proper service you are looking for. Shop at various supermarket chains shops online and choose the Instacart delivery system to deliver your product within the shortest possible time. They will give your products within as short as 1 hour. Let’s see some points which make them unique from other whole food providers-

·        Choose 1000’s products from stores available near you

·        Deliveries in different cities on the same day

·        Exclusive deals on popular products

·        Selecting groceries through a web application

·        Quick and effortless shopping

·        Collection of 300,000 items from several stores

·        They find customers through various offers and advertising

·        10$ Minimum Order

Delivery system

Instacart's delivery system maintains some procedures to deliver their product. If you purchase above 35$ worth of products they will charge you 3.99$ for 2-hour delivery and delivery 5.99$.

Instacart Express will give you the opportunity to get your product delivered for free for 14 days.

If you order products under 35$, they will charge you 7.99$ for 2-hour delivery or scheduled and 9.99$ for 1-hour delivery.

It's a little expensive, but you will get all your products within a short time. Let's see how to pay for groceries and pay online.

·        Place your order

·        A shopper will receive your order

·        A shopper pays the bill through the prepaid debit card

·        Shopper will later visit the customer to deliver your product

Quick Facts

·        Founded in: 2012

·        Types of Grocery Items: All

·        Specialties: Within 1-hour delivery

·        Discount/Promo Offers:  For promo



Whole Foods Market/Wikimedia Common

Whole Foods Market

Are you looking for the finest and healthiest natural and organic foods collection that you can get at your doorstep? Then the whole foods market is the right choice for you. They are committed to getting the customer's satisfaction with their various quality and quantitative foods collection. Let's see some points which will explain how it is the dominant player in the food business-

·        Find the tastiest and better quality foods

·        Order your festive foods

·        Collection of long Thanksgiving feast

·        No artificial flavors or preservatives

·        Enjoy same-day delivery with AmazonFresh

·        Inspirational and educational events on different occasions.

Delivery system

Get your products delivered by AmazonPrime. Buying 35$ or more worth of products will get you free delivery on AmazonPrime, and one-hour delivery costs 7.99$.

Quick Facts

·        Number of Stores: 492

·        Founded in: 1980

·        Per store customers: 200,000 approximately

·        Types of Grocery Items: All

·        Specialties: Large quantity of organic food collection

·        Discount/Promo Offers: For promo offers


Giants of Other Businesses in Grocery

You may find other food delivery systems crowded or busy and find it difficult to deal with those grocery shops. Other grocery shops are still competitive with other giants. Some of them are AmazonFresh, Google Express, and Walmart. These are giants of other businesses but are still working hard to make a name in the grocery business.


AmazonFresh Store/Wikimedia Common



AmazonFresh is another grocery delivery service that you can consider for grocery delivery service near you. In 2017, Amazon has started a pickup service which is called AmazonFresh grocery delivery and loads groceries into their cars.

·        Offers grocery items from a subset of the website

·        Delivery on the same day

·        They sell Booths branded products

·        Check their service availability by Zipcode

·        85000 products range in Germany

They announced their service discontinues from some areas but is still available in some states of the U.S, including London, Tokyo, Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich.

Quick Facts

·        Founded in: 2017

·        Number of Customers (If Available):

·        Types of Grocery Items: All

·        Discount/Promo Offers: 25$ off your first order



Google Express Online Store

Google Express

If you are finding more reliable and faster shopping, Google Express is another option for you. They have some excellent services that will draw your attention of others. Shop including a variety of stores like Walmart, Costco, or targets on their service app. Let’s see some of their services that will interest your needs-

·        Service across the continental United States

·        Free delivery over 25$ or 35$

·        Same-day and overnight service

·        2 to 3 days and one week of service

·        Working with delivery companies to serve a wide range of customers

·        Order for your business

·        You may find stores available by zip code

·        15$ minimum order by stores

Other delivery services like Instacart provide you the same-day service, but they won't offer you overnight service like Google Express. Besides, Google Express is working with different delivery companies to serve a wide range of customers, and it's increasing day by day.

Quick Facts

·        Founded in: March 2013

·        Types of Grocery Items: Organic, processed

·        Specialties: Overnight delivery

·        Promo Offers:  For promo offers


Walmart Store/Flickr



Walmart is the largest retailer in the world. They have a wide range of customers and services in the U.S and overseas. If you have a nearby Walmart, you can get your products quickly. Just drive up, grab groceries and pick up your products and it is always free. 

You can get Walmart grocery items delivered within 2 days, 3-5 days, Marketplace, and freight shipping options free of charge if the products purchase crossover 35$. Last time Walmart registered Spark delivery service to give Walmart's customers a more reliable grocery delivery service.

·        Enjoy free same-day pickup

·        It’s Way more than just groceries

·        Money back guarantee when you are not content

·        Shop 50$ worth of products and get discount

·        Minimum 30$ shopping is required.

Quick Facts

·        Number of Stores: 11,718 (January 2018)

·        Founded in: July 2nd, 1962

·        Number of Customers: Nearly 265 million

·        Types of Grocery Items:

·        Specialties: Largest retail stores.

·        Promo Offers: Use ‘’WOWFRESH’’on your first order to get 10$ off.


Some Esteemed Grocery Providers

Other shopping giants are minimal competitors but provide services for grocery items and other products.

They have unique characteristics which make them different from others. Some of them are area and location-based, some provide budget grocery and some other offers a better sell experience. Below some of them are discussed -


Trader Joe's Store/Wikimedia Common

Trader Joe’s

They have a customer concept which makes them separate from other competitors. It is called ‘value,' by ‘value' product; they want to provide customers with a lot of services across the California states. Let's see some points of their service –

·        They buy products from direct suppliers

·        They always try to get the best prices for their product

·        Their motto is "great food+ great prices= Value’’

·        They keep their costs low

·        Unique store items

Quick Facts

·        Number of Stores: 474 (in 2017)

·        Founded in: 1958

·        Number of Customers: 7200 (in 2015)

·        Types of Grocery Items: All

·        Specialties: Unique items and decorations.

·        Discount/Promo Offers: For promo offer




Brandless Logo/



Though this company is a new edition to the product delivery system and still improving as the day goes by its service value is competitively better than any other chain shop. This company’s motto is ‘’Better stuff, fewer dollars’’.

Sometimes they use ‘'better-for-you'' to make their services more widely accessible. They intend to make customer service more affordable and accessible including over 300 hand-curated products.

Delivery Fee

Their specialty is every item you purchase is worth just 3$. If you order products over $39, you will get free shipping. So, it is a budget chain shop for a wide variety of customers.

They have a wide variety of categorical services available for you-

·        Food

·        Household and Kitchen

·        Beauty and Personal care

·        Stationary

·        Shop by values

·        Gift and party

·        Office supply

·        Feminine Hygiene

Quick Facts

·        Some Branches/Shops/Stores:

·        Founded in: 2012

·        Products: Over 300

·        Types of Grocery Items: Organic and vegan

·        Specialties: 3$, every item you purchase

·        Discount/Promo Offers: For promo offer



Fresh Direct Store/Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct

Pure Direct is another competitor in the grocery market. This provider will give you all of your products delivered right to your doorstep. They have food experts who rate all of their products, and you will always get the best food in season. 

They have everything from paper towels and cases of bottled water to sushi-grade seafood and homemade pastries. People of the east coast love this provider’s service because of their accurate service-

·        Everyday freshness ratings (By experts)

·        Freshly baked food (Bread and Pastries)

·        Healthy and delicious (freshly-made food)

·        Up to 50% off on all groceries every week

·        Groceries packed and cased for a secure supply

Delivery Fee

You have to order at least $30 worth of product to get your product delivered. Only in Virginia, Hampton's area in summer will get to shop at $99 at least. Their delivery fee varies for different areas. From $5.99-$7.99.  Only Long Beach Island, NJ will have a delivery cost $9.99, and Hamptons gets $15.99.

Quick Facts

·        Founded in: 1999

·        Number of Customers: 250,000 (in 2013)

·        Types of Grocery Items: All.

·        Specialties: Experts choice and 50% off on groceries every week

·        Discount/Promo Offers: For promo offers





Costco is a wholesale company that provides various products at low warehouse prices. Regarding groceries, they offer fresh and household supplies and non-perishable food including nationwide delivery.

·        Costco provides same-day delivery options only for members

·        Being a member, you will get a discount on different products

·        Instacart is available to shop products

·        Signature required for delivery

·        Only one address get delivery

·        About 2000 items including fresh groceries

·        Elements according to your zip code

Delivery Fee

·        You have to purchase over $35 product to be eligible for delivery

·        Details will be available at the in-Warehouse for non-delivery product

·        For 2-Day order, you will not be charged a delivery fee if laws get passed over $75

Quick Facts

·        Number of Stores: 759

·        Founded in: in 12th July 1976

·        Types of Grocery Items: All

·        Specialties: Warehouses all over the world

·        Discount/Promo Offers: For promo offer






Peapod is a unique grocery delivery service that started in 1989. They have certain services for their customers that make them unique. New customers get the benefit, and their unique system lets you choose certain grocery products efficiently. Let's have a quick look at their services-

·        Filtered grocery list

·        Climate-controlled trucks

·        Product suggestions

·        Meal kits to cook specific food

·        “Order Genius’’ option to find out frequent products

Delivery Fee

Different delivery options are available from Peapod. Unlimited delivery for just $119 per year but if you order over $100 worth of their grocery products. Six and three-month options are also available.

Quick Facts

·        Number of Stores: 6500

·        Founded in: 1989

·        Number of Customers: Over 50 million

·        Types of Grocery Items: All

·        Specialties: Product suggestions

·        Discount/Promo Offers: For promo offer

What to look for in a grocery delivery service?

Observing all the delivery services above, you can now choose which service is the best and suit your needs. Selecting the better grocery delivery service requires better customer service, better pricing plan, Timing of receiving the product, New grocery plans. So, whenever you choose a delivery service, consider this before-

·        Cost/Fee/Pricing Plan

·        Delivery Procedure & Time

·        Varieties of Items

·        Online/VirtualGrocery Carts

·        Availability of New Grocery Plans

Pricing Plan

Grocery stores generally have profits of 13.11 percent for every product. For example, if they buy $86.89 product, they sell it for $100. So, they have a 10.47 percent profit on average. You need to consider their pricing plan before you buy any product. So, you can get your superior product at an accurate price.

Delivery Procedure & Time

Some company provides faster delivery, and some take at least 2-3 days to ship your product. Delivery procedure and timing depend on

·        Your area and locations

·        How far you are living from a grocery store

·        Company’s vehicle available or not

 Choose better options like Wegmans or Instacart or considerably Google Express for faster product delivery.

Varieties of Items

There are varieties of items in different grocery stores. Usually, you can find

·        Beverages

·        Baby foods

·        Dried foods

·        Tobacco

·        Fruits

·        Candies

·        Cosmetics

·        Diet foods

·        Feminine Hygiene, personal hygiene, grooming

·        Flowers

·        Frozen foods

·        Snacks foods

·        Kitchen utilities

·        Fish, Seafood

·        Medicine

·        Pet Foods

·        Toys and action figures

And many more items. You can get large and more categorical grocery items from different stores which have more significant collections, Such as Wegmans and Publix.

Online/Virtual Grocery Carts

Ensure your online grocery cart is secured. You have to make sure that your sensitive data such as credit card or bank information is safe on online shopping. Cart theft is a serious problem these days. Make sure that online shopping is secured with adequate security measures.

Availability of New Grocery Plans

Some store offers new grocery plans on every special occasion. Look for your preferred plans or check if they have further ideas for grocery customers if they have an abundance of collections available.

In summary, top grocery stores are providing goods through your location's peer. These companies are supplying your long-awaited products within the shortest possible time, and you are also paying extra for premium products. So you should also consider a tipping company which should not be very hard for you.

Delivery systems like Wegmans and Publix are blessings for consumers who want a collection of the most significant products and if you want faster delivery, choose a better option like Instacart or Google Express. The choice is yours.

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