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Mexican Legendary Singer El Ray Vicente Fernández Passes away

Vicente Fernández/Image: Flickr: Julio Enriquez

Mexican traditional Music icon Vicente Fernández has passed away at the age of 81. His condition was not up to the mark due to his urgent spinal surgery.  His family reported that he was diagnosed with Guillian-Barré syndrome. Guillian-Barré is a syndrome where the immune system gets aggressive and attacks the body’s nerves.

Vicente was an absolute legend of Mexican ranchera which is a traditional touch to Mexican music, and deeply implies the traditions of grassroots level in Mexico.

His six-decade singing career includes special categorical songs, such as 

His singing style was quite peculiar, but widely acceptable to the audience because of his aura, and passion for the music he sings. Often he sings with a mustache or even carries a pistol to blend in with the singing. At the end of singing, he used to take tequila and keep singing more. 

Vicente was born in the Ranching state of Jalisco in 1940. At early age used to work at car shops, construction, cobbler, and more. As his family moved to the city, of Tijuana, he started to work for livelihood. At the age of 19, he started singing at bars and restaurants. 

Many young Mexican singers and Mexican-American singers in this era follow his unmatched singing to be able to uplift their singing career. He was an immense loss to the culture he broadly contribute at.

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