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Wordpress Development Guidelines: 3 Mistakes you Must Avoid



Every blogger or publisher desire to make their website content attractive. Regardless they put a lot of effort to make it happen, there are still some basic errors left out in website content that they don’t even notice.

The most widely used platform for publisher these days is wordpress, where many popular website content gets hosted and this platform has proven its flawless and easy to use design for publishers. As the concern has been raised for human error in this platform, we are bound to provide you the 3 WordPress Development Mistakes You Must Avoid.


3 Wordpress Development Mistakes

If you search for the query ‘wordpress’ on google, it will show you billions of results that relates to the wordpress website. When visiting some of those websites, you may notice websites are having several issues regarding hosting, debugging or regular backup issues.

As a result, these websites get down the hill and never treated again. So, take a look at 3 of the most common wordpress mistakes.

Inappropriate Hosting Platform

Wordpress has the similar function to run a website that use to operate a simple website on different hosting. When a newbie knocks on wordpress to run their website content, they mostly get puzzled by the functions and different configurations it hold.

A beginner doesn’t have the proper knowledge to run a website, so they get shocked at the functionalities and ultimately, they lose their enthusiasm in creating new content. So, you should know all the functionalities prior creating website on wordpress.

Debugging Option Turned Off

New Wordpress user does this kind of wrong stuff everytime they create new website. When the debugging option doesn’t operate, there is an obvious chance that you will get error in your website content. You might need to deal with font issues or coding or styling issues later.

So, to prevent from this situation, you must turn the debugging option on and do the coding and style in your own way. When this feature notices any wrong doing in coding or styling, it will eventually warn you.

You need to edit ‘wp-config.php’ to enable this feature in the first place. So, take experts opinion at first if you are a beginner.

Not Updating Wordpress

Updating wordpress is a pain in the head for some of the publishers. As the wordpress developer constantly updates wordpress modules and functions, you need to stick to their update every time they release it. Updating keeps your website safe from malicious attack, so consider doing it regularly.

In conclude, these are the common mistakes that anyone can easily prevent instantly. But you need to acquire the basic wordpress knowledge prior publishing your website online.

By following 3 WordPress development mistakes you must avoid may relieve you from mistakes to ever happen again, but you should follow other varieties of configurations and functions of wordpress as well.

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