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American Music Award: Swift, Artist of the Decade, Surpasses Michael Jackson for Most AMAs

Swift at AMA Performing. Image: Official YouTube Channel of Taylor Swift

Astounding news to all Taylor Swift fans, named artist of the year and artist of the decade, Taylor Swift has broken the record of Michael Jackson’s 24 AMA awards and her total title number is 29. She achieved a total of 6 American Music Awards this year.

Announcing artist of the year on Sunday night was a whole new experience for all spectators but announcing Swift achieved the artist of the year had turned a whole new level. Swift accepted the award from Ariana Grande, Halsey, Drake, and Post Malone.
Swift performing after announcing Artist of the Decade, Image: Swift's Youtube Channel
AMA function held at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, Swift stated to the huge spectator that she had some awesome and amazing moments this year and also stated she had been in a devastating situation. Several News reported that she has been severely involved in a feud with her manager Braun and also over her record label for the catalog of six albums. 

Swift performed in a white dress at the function while performing some of her hit songs on the stage which makes her a star of the AMA’s show. She performed Speak now, Red and fearless on a piano which was an entitled feature of her current album.

Swift also won the title of favorite pop/rock album for her new album ‘Lover’. This made her the most successful AMA artist while being decrowned, Michael Jackson.

On the other hand, AMA awarded the best new artist title to Billie Eilish, she also achieved the alternative rock artist title and thanked her fans for the achievement. She performed one of her songs, ‘All the Good Girls Go to Hell'.

Selena Gomez starts off the show with her performance despite her severe condition with a kidney transplant and battling depression. On the other hand, Rapper Malone won his favorite rap/hip hop album, ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’.

Moreover, pop star Halsey won the title of favorite pop/rock song for her hit song ‘Without me’ and Carrie Underwood won the title favorite country album and country artist of the year. Alongside Malone and Travis Scott, Ozzy Osborne performed on the stage, earlier he was in a recovery state all through this year from Injury.

Before ending the show, Canadian singer songwriter Shania Twain mashed up some of her own favorite best tracks that include some of the 90’s tracks.

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