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The Most Interesting Dream While Sleeping: Psychology & Facts

Image: Getty Whether a baby or a full-grown human, everyone dreams in their sleep. When we dream something alluring, we call it a sweet dream, or something bizarre, we call it a nightmare! Between sweet or bizarre dreams, there are some explanations behind the curtain that expose the rational things about the most interesting dream while sleeping. Many experts have been researching for years for explanations. In the later part, we are going to explain some of the interesting facts about dreams and the appealing things we see in dreams while sleeping, overall, 1) What causes dreams? 2) Psychology of dreams 3) The most interesting dream while sleeping 4) Interesting Facts about dreams What Causes Dreams Do you have depression, stress, or sleep deprivation? If yes, then you need to know that these things cause you to have intense or vivid dreams during sleep. You can call it to sleep disorder or on the contrary, normal sleep deprivation gets involved. On the other

Top 3 Google Adsense Alternatives 2023: Honest Review and Flaws

First of all, there are many monetization networks that exist and these are floating all over the virtual world. If you have content that deserves to be monetized or you are looking for the best ad network for android apps that you developed, you may have looked for those CPM ad networks many times.
Following, I'm trying to show some of the advantages and flaws I have experienced using these rated best ad networks for small publishers.
Monetization/Advertise Networks Activity
The truth is, these advertising networks demand your traffic and wants more space to show their native, banner, or contextual ads. Consequently, you need to provide your valuable website space in order to earn a few commissions.

Advertising Banner
Some Popular Advertising Networks
You may have heard about various advertising networks, such as,, and These ad networks are extremely popular amongst small publishers when they constantly search for Google Adsense alternatives.
There is no doubt Google Adsense is the best among all these ad networks. Google Adsense includes individual rules and policies that make a publisher strictly follow the rules. People choose alternatives to other networks in order to earn more revenue or they have more space to cover different ads on their website.
So, what about these alternative networks that have been providing service to entry-level publishers and claiming they are the best after Google Adsense? Find out my individual review about some of these networks. Front Page
This particular website is ranked higher among publishers. I’m not exposing anything detail right now as I need to explore more about this monetization site; look for the update later. Nonetheless, is considered one of the best advertising networks among publishers for its contextual and interactive banner ads that are run by Yahoo and Bing.
They are also considered one of the closest competitors of Google Adsense, so people easily opt to get this advertising network for monetization. Logo
This one is one of the primary choices among publishers. This particular ad network enables publishers to choose interactive banner ads, sponsored links, and browser notification ads recently they have started to distribute responsive ads only for higher-traffic websites and the required traffic is 10000+ visitors per day!
Another thing is, you can start the monetization right after registration! But is that all you have to face?
The downside of this monetization website I had to face was their ads that had been repeatedly blocked by the antivirus. I chose the sponsored link code and put it into my website but my antivirus had identified those ads as malicious links.
That’s kind of nerve-wracking as I have other advertising networks embodied in my website. So, I thought Propellerads might drastically change the behavior of other ad networks and reduce the readability of the content as it includes malicious links.
So, I got rid of this ad network right away. Another interesting thing is, their ad detection code contains an error, so, I found it difficult to confirm my identification after registration.
Different Options for ad preference
Higher revenue for high-traffic websites
Instant Monetization
Responsive ads are restricted for higher-traffic websites
Ads contain malicious links Banner
This particular website is one of the best among other monetization networks. Their responsive ad units and smart algorithm for blending into your monetized content are impeccable. Their ad units are various, such as in-text, in-article, in-tag, in-frame, and more.
I find their ad interface is really attractive and comparable to Google Adsense. All of their ad settings are flawless and help you earn more revenue as you add more advertising units to your website.
The downside of this ad network is their in-text and frame ads that compromise the reader's attention. Moreover, frame ad is the most infuriating ad format and more importantly, you have to put both right and left-side frame ads together, with no option to choose any one side whatsoever!
In addition, when I placed their ‘ads.txt’ into my website, my website showed an error that it doesn’t comply with the ‘ads.txt’ format rules. So, I skipped inserting ‘ads.txt’ and informed their support about the issue. After a day, they replied, placing ‘ads.txt’ is not much important to do. They look forward to improving the code.
Another interesting thing is, you can’t figure out how your CPC or CPM has been counting, many complaints that they couldn’t earn a single cent even after a month or two.
My experience is still in an average position with this ad network. So, more likely I’m still hunting the sweet spot of this one of the top ad networks in 2019.

Different Options for ad preference
Sleek and smooth ad interface
Referral Option

Low CPM or CPC count

In conclude, these websites are still the jackpot for small publishers as many newbies find it easier to get monetized other than the giant Google Adsense. A few flaws these websites contain are avoidable but you need to ensure that your visitors can read your content without any disturbance.

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